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  1. Thanks all for comments. Yes a square sensor helps to reduce vignetting.
  2. The 314L is good for close long fl. The 4000 gives you more real estate to image and play with. It depends on where you want to be at with your imaging. If you want to do wider larger FOV then the 4000 is perfect mid size entry.
  3. Great widefiled image! Love the dust! A bit magenta for my liking but great detail! Well done.
  4. Great weather so kept imaging Here is the Horse Head and Flame LRGB 40:30:30:30 Thanks to Mill I used DPP in my pre processing and it seems to have sorted the clipping out. Comments welcomed (Starting to get used to the 4000 now, its differnet to the 314L)
  5. Thanks Olly! I did everything you said accpt add more data! Here is the reslt. Good advice.
  6. Thanks. New years smoke pollution!
  7. Thanks. I am loving the new Atik. Needed a larger chip and happy its got enough resolution to capture fine detail.
  8. I just tamed the core a bit more!
  9. Lovely weather last 2 days. At last managed to image M42 with my new Atik 4000. This image is LRGB 30:30:30:30 10min each. Used 30sec core mask. Cropped sightly due to L Flats not quite right. Will fix that next time around with longer flat duration. Comments welcomed
  10. I cant order one online. THe error keeps saying "delivery method chosen invalid". I assume they are not shipping to Australia?
  11. Finally I can see the ghost! Thanks for posting this technical masterpiece ( which ccd?)
  12. I will give that blending method a go! Thanks
  13. If you google "Star Rounder tool" - its a plug in for Photoshop.
  14. Hi all, with my close encounter with a funnel web spider last imaging run I have moved to make my rig as auto as possible (to image from the safety of my indoors!). I am about 75% there and have automated the alignment and guide star selection process. Unfortunately the guide cam (which acts as a wide filed sky scan to find alignemnt stars) is too high in arc pixel sampling compared to my imaging scope so I had guiding issues. This image of M27 is Ha:Ha:Oiii 60:20min (10 min exposures) Even though I use a Light pollution filter for my suburban skies I was delighted to see the outer skirt starting to show. I had to use a star rounder tool on this one until I get my guding sorted out. Comments welcomed.
  15. Thanks Theodoros! I clipped the image a bit so I might reprocess it at some stage
  16. Thanks Olly Funnel Web spiders are the most deadliest in the world. Their bite can kill in 10 min. They live in Sydney where I am from. Ordinarily they Stay away but they live in and around my garden. I found one in my observatory the other night. It was dead but that's because a squashed it withou knowing on my last imaging session when I put my optics case on the garden ledge! I am now totally committed to limiting the outdoor set up and set own down through automatic as much as I possibly can! So I am installing autofocus units and wide field optics to star align.
  17. Thanks cloudbuster! I had ome cloud but it passed by!
  18. After building up enough courage to brave my OBS again (found a funnel web inside), I took this image of the Swan in Narrowband) HA 60 Sii 40 Oiii 40 Atik 314L at -15degC Heq6 f5 8 inch newt I find this target hard to extract fine detail (and even harder to get the right colour balance in LRGB so the NB makes it a bit easier) Comments welcomed
  19. Interesting rendition of this. I like it!
  20. Great image. Great combination of gear to capture this at that FOV.
  21. That's a nice version CW! You brought out even more detail!
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