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  1. I ventured to Wiruna and managed to wait out the Hail, Rain, Lightning. The heavens cleared at about 11pm and managed to get 45 x 60sec, 20 x 30 sec, and 2 x 120 sec with Modded 500D ISO 1600 and 135mm Rokinon. Dithered and Darks applied. Star Adventuer Pro

    I intend to apply more data from Coonabarabran next month, and some Ha next month and maybe widen the view with some mosaic action.


    Higher Res Astrobin http://astrob.in/eo7c36/0/



    Carina 120 + 60 + 30 sec Final RGB ver3 1000.jpg

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  2. 7 hours ago, Barry-W-Fenner said:

    Stunning image, out of interest, how much of the milky way and what volume of the stars are visible to the naked eye?

    I'm curious as that is a beautiful image but I genuinely don't know how much is photography and how much is what we can see. I hope that doesn't sound ignorant of me, I honestly don't know.

    Also what bortle level would that sky be.

    Thank you



    Hi Baz


    good questions. I used a 10mm wide angle lens. But, it captures the majority of the visible milky way except some minor ends. So what you see in this image is close to what you see with hte naked ey. If you did two shot mosaic you will easily fit it all in to represent the naked eye view. The Bortle scale is 1. Very Dark Sky Park and protected by legislation. As far as "what you can visibly see". You wont see colour with your eye (but you can make out the blue a bit because of the Zodiacal light). You can clearly see the dark "Dust" lanes. Hope you get a chance to visit the southern sky at Bortle 1 this type of year (as this type of your you see the Galactic Core - but at other times of year you will not see the core.

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