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  1. forgot to say, they have a 50% off sale at the moment. I got it a few months back in a 30% off sale but its very good value even outside a sale.
  2. I am a relatively new Affinity Photo user (can't afford Photoshop!) and am very impressed with their dedicated astrophotography enhancements to the new version 1.9 that has just come out. They now support stacking plus a lot of the tools I've seen used in Photoshop - star reduction etc. A 20min video walking through the workflow is on this page . I hope that they continue to specifically support astrophotography and maybe they will even become leaders. Now if only it would stop raining...
  3. Great thanks for your help all. I'll keep trying with my DSLR but capturing a lot more images for stacking. If and when money becomes available I'll probably get a planetary camera.
  4. Brilliant vlaiv, a very full description. The Astronomy Tools calculator that AstroMuni pointed me to suggests that if anything I should use a focus reducer in this set up rather than a Barlow. Is this related to the default of 'ok seeing conditions'. if I change it to 'exceptional conditions' it does indeed suggest a 2.5x Barlow.
  5. Brilliant, thanks AstroMuni, I hadn't come across those sites. Its good to see Nyquist here - I know him well from my interest in HiFi - though in that sphere many now consider his 2x sampling requirement to be too low for music reproduction. A quite different environment though for a very different forum
  6. I've heard about this pixel ratio but I don't fully understand it. Could you point me to chapter and verse please?
  7. Another excellent shot Craig, thanks very much. I'm not too bothered about getting large lunarscapes, its detail I'm interested in. What tools do you guys use for stacking etc? I have always used Registax but people now seem to use something else for stacking (eg Autostakkert) and then Registax for wavelets. Why is that? I've been dabbling with APT which seems to be an amazing tool.
  8. Brilliant, thanks vlaiv. I'd be very happy with a picture like that Was it taken with a 224? Is it a mosaic? I thought they have a very tight fov.
  9. Hi All, I'm looking for advice on getting more resolution when taking photos, primarily of the moon. I'm using an 8" Newtonian Reflector, 1200mm focal length, with a full frame Canon 5D III and 2x teleconverter. This gives me nice sharp images that almost fill the frame but, even with 22.3 megapixels, I get limited 'zoom in' on photos before pixilation sets in. I have also been using APT and EOS Camera Movie Record to record the live view at 5x. This also gives good results but as far as I know this just optimises the resolution (and allows stacking). It can't actually increase
  10. Here is a review and then a couple of questions to the forum The experience I gained assessing my new Nikon Action EX 10x50s https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/369052-comparison-of-pentax-sp-50-wp-10x50-and-nikon-action-ex-10x50-cf/?tab=comments#comment-4009551 led me to dig out my old Vivitar Series 1 8x25. I bought these in 1995 for £99, so not an insignificant amount then. Series 1 was Vivitar's premium range at a time when (I believe) they were well regarded for their optics (now they seem to sell basically children's toy binoculars). Anyway, despite their price/apparent pedigree an
  11. Some other things I have noticed during daytime viewing: The coatings on the Pentax objectives have quite a green tinge. The view through the binoculars is very neutral in terms of colour, slightly muted and slighter cooler than with the naked eye but very close and very natural. The Nikons have a bluer coating and the view is more vibrant and saturated, but a little green. Not so faithful but very appealing visually. I also have a feeling that objects which fill a good proportion of the field viewed through the Nikons are slightly stretched laterally (due to off axis distor
  12. I'd be interested to hear if others have experienced issues with reflections like I have with the Nikons. I guess it might be a consequence of wider fov but I haven't tried enough to know. I think that fold down rubber eyepieces are better at stopping stray light though obviously less convenient for glasses users (I always stick mine on my head when using the bins)
  13. Yes of course you are right Dave I was being a bit snarky at them because they couldn't be bothered to paint the shiny bits inside black. I've also seen reviews saying that their coatings on this model are not as good as some of the competition. Its a shame that after going to all the trouble getting excellent glass they don't coat it and mount it so as to get the maximum from that glass. Anyway, it still won out for me - I'll just have to put up with the reflections and enjoy the view
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