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  1. There are two conflicting theories about Quantum Mechanics. The first holds the opinion it is impossible to understand the how and why , So just apply the formula and get the right answer anyway and be happy. The second claims it is possible to understand how it works and in that direction madness can lie. Take your pick
  2. Can't speak about the GP2 but I motorised my GP. It has 144 gearing so Skywatcher goto kit fitted. No doubt a simple dual drive motor would do the same. Just check its 144 gear ratio, same as EQ5 and CG5 which are GP clones. The Vixen mounts as you will find are very smooth.
  3. I know the Baader 2" is more expensive than the Lunt, but don't forget both versions of the Baader Wedge (visual and photographic) come with a 2" Continuum filter as standard so that is a bonus of £120. on the £399 price.
  4. Many thanks guys. I really like my minitower but the wi fi connection and built in battery plus the option to use auto align seems to be the way forward Frederick
  5. Just wondering if the Evolution 6" set up is man enough to carry an edge 800 HD. Seems the only way to get the tripod/head is to buy a complete kit ( which I am not adverse to). From what I can see the 6" and 8" look identical but I do know the 9.25 version has a beefier tripod. Any advice would be most welcome
  6. I am reminded of my science teacher (a long while ago) who pontificated that stars are so far away and the subtended angle is so small we can never resolve them except as a point of light. Hmmm got that wrong didn't he. Never say never
  7. What happens when you fill all the holes?
  8. Thanks Steve Exactly what I was searching for. Frederick
  9. Has anyone suceeded in conecting the newer Skywatcher GPS mouse to a PC? This is supplied with only a PS2-RJ45 handset adaptor and no software. The older mouse used to contain a PS2-USB adapter. Looks very similar to the adapter used in the past to convert PS2 serial mouse and keyboard to USB.
  10. the 135 SMC is a cracking lens and so is the 50mm F2 SMC . Mine dates back 50 year to when I had a Pentax S1a slr.
  11. The only orthos I have ever used are Baader BGO's. From 5 to 7mm they proviide good magnification and tak sharp images. FOV is narrow but as I use them on planets that is irrelevant.
  12. I agree with Skipper Billy, The only thing I damage is myself being toooooooooo cold
  13. Thanks guys. What got me thinking about this again was seeing a video of the Skwatcher self contained guider. Apparantly their kit contains a neat 1.25" extention about 25mm long to extend the reach of the eyepiece barrel and allow the eyepiece to match the focussing position of the camera. I was wondering if anyone else produced or sold a similar item.
  14. I have fixed a parfocal ring on an eyepiece to help the setting up the focus of my camera. However when they are both aligned very little of the 1.25" barrel is left extended to fix in the eyepiece holder. Does anyone know where I can get a 1.25" barrel extension to fix the problem?
  15. No the differance is size and capacity. I would not recommend the EQ3-2 it will not future proof you against larger telecope purchases. The EQ5 and its clones should be the minimum size you go for. Even this may be pushing it should you choose a 8" Newtonian. The EQ5 has a goto add on or can be fitted with standard RA and Dec drive motors. Your choice and budget may determine that.
  16. I would agree with the above. The EQ3-2 would not future proof you. My experiance with that scope is whilst the head is OK the tripod is tuely appaling. The castings holding the leg adjustments bolts broke very quickly as the put a the casting itself under tension. Poor engineering. A simple pressed steel strap would have been much better.
  17. If the Power tank you have is the 7AHr model the total load of all 3 items will drain the charge in just over 1 hour. You need a bigger capacity battery preferably designed for a boat or caravan. You can get these in a range of capacities . 45-60 AHr. Its unlikly that spikes will occur easpecially as the larger battery will effectivly dump them. For safety you could power each item through a seperate choke with a capacitor shunted across the end feeding the equipment
  18. Dont discount a Vixen Great Polaris, Its the same mechanically as the CG5/EQ5 but much smoother. After all cg5 and Eq5 are copies of the original Vixen GP. I fitted skywatcher goto to mine
  19. I would echo Peters comments about a total strip down to respray. Not something I would like to contemplate on a SCT unless it was absolutely necessary. You might try coloured car polish sold for the purpose of disguising scratches on your paint work.
  20. Hi GP welcome from light poluted Oxford
  21. You got me worried but on checking my total was a mere 119 ads and some of those were repeats. Phew! On the whole I found if you speak on the phone you get a reasonable impression of each other. I haven't had any real problems ABS except I specifically remember one guy who under the pretext of helping me kept pestering me on the phone that my price was way too high then later posting me an offer at that lower price.
  22. Well my Vixen GP will spin if I leave on the counter weight arm on clutch off ( no weights) obviously. It slowly rotates to the arm being verticle. I am happy with this you need a compromise between being too slack with backlash and so stiff the motors are struggling.
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