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  1. You are right Ronin, the plus is plenty for my needs how do you find it on the nexus, do you control your scope with it over wifi ? yes i have seen some on ebay for around my budget i am just a little concerned over the wifi performance with the evolution. i know there is a wired solution for the ipad but not for the android. perhaps i am being a little paranoid and trying to solve problems before any happen :/ thank you.
  2. Hi Again, Just a quick question, i am planning to control my new evolution telescope with skysafari pro. i have never owned a tablet as i have never needed one. i am confused as to which tablet would be best to do this, i will only be using the tablet to control the telescope with this software and have budgeted around £200 ish for the device. Can anyone point me in the right direction on which tablet to get ? i understand some tablets have gps and some do not, any advice would be welcome, thank you. p.s. i do not want to use a phone, i would rather have a bigger screen as i have trouble reading my phone as it is
  3. Thank you for the replies, as i suspected, a few different answers Merlin66 i understand that the evolution mount is fine for video astronomy ( sub 10 secs stacked images ) and i would rather have the simplest setup for now. stu bulk is not too much a problem, i am a big guy and youngish ( 47 ) with no health issues. i will only be carrying it 20 feet in and out the house Newbie Alert my main goal is Lunar, Planets and the smaller, brighter DSO's for visual and eaa. i am aware of the limitations of the long focal length and will probably purchase a wider field scope in the future. i just want to keep it simple for the next few years. My plan is to use a smaller apo on this mount at some point for a more mobile setup to darker skies. robert1 i was thinking of the zwo colour 224 but there is a guy beta testing a new camera Saturday on the cn forums i will not worry about getting the camera for at least a couple of months anyway. I have no plans in the near future to take AP seriously, perhaps in 4 or 5 years this may change but for now i want to keep it easy and simple. eaa is more for showing images on the laptop to friends and family for that ' near live ' wow factor. As always, good info and different points of view, thank you.
  4. hello stargazers, I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a new scope ( i currently have some 25x100 bins and a 125 etx ). I was going for a normal 8 evolution but over the last few weeks the price has seemed to of gone up by nearly £200 so i have decided to save a little more and get better value for money by purchasing one of these other evolution scopes ( well, that's my excuse ) I have researched and researched but seem to get different answers wherever i look, so i will ask the question here. I will be using it for visual and video astronomy, i understand there is no advantage with the edge in video astronomy but visually, there is an improvement. is it big enough to warrant it over the 925 ? i know a focal reducer will cost more for the Edge when i do use it for video astronomy but i also understand that aperture is king and living 12 miles from central London the extra aperture may help a little ( and a beefier tripod on the 925 ), which would you go for ? i am edging ( no pun intended ) towards the 925 but i am just looking for confirmation i am not missing anything as i have no experience looking through either of these scopes and zero experience with video astronomy, any insight or advice will be welcome, thank you.
  5. Thank you for easing my concerns. I was more worried that i would see no dso's at all from my location. I have been scanning these forums and cloudy nights for the last few weeks to try and get up to speed on new technology and what is possible from a light polluted area these days. I have some experience in photoshop and quite tech savvy, small dso's with an 0.5 focal reducer is my plan and perhaps hyperstar/narrowband down the line. i just want to keep it simple for now and practice on the moon/planets and a few smaller, brighter dso's thank you again for all your input guys.
  6. Thank you for replying guys. Wow that is really bad light pollution, amazing what you can achieve with nb filters Some food for thought to ponder over. I was thinking of video astronomy with short subs and stacking, then look into 'serious' imaging a few years down the line when i have gained more experience with the hardware and software. that way i can use the evo mount as a portable platform when i do get an eq mount and all the goodies i need to go with it. Again, thank you for all the advice.
  7. Hello, Quick introduction, i have been interested in astronomy for a long time. I have a pair of 25x100 bino's and an old 125 etx with a knackered mount. As i do not drive and live on the edge of London, light pollution has always been a serious problem for me but after getting the bug again ( and quitting smoking so i have actually some money to spend ) and the results from video astronomy, there may be hope for me yet. is this really a viable alternative for me being stuck in a red zone ? after doing some research i am leaning towards an evolution 8 or 925 and a zwo 224 camera. i know the limitations of the camera on dso's and the telescopes fov but i would like to try it on a few dso targets if possible. But i will mainly like to image the moon and planets to start off with, perhaps getting a dedicated dso camera a few years down the line. so, the actual question is, from a heavy light polluted area will i get satisfying results ? or am i doomed forever. if not, should i get a certain filter to help cut through the ominous glow of the A road lights 1/2 a mile away ? if this is viable would it be better for me to de-fork the etx for use on the mount and just get the evolution mount and a wider field telescope ? any other equipment recommendations ? Here are a couple of images from my location ( 4 am ), any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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