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  1. Two things. Make sure the bolts you use have the correct thread by gently screwing them in by hand first. It would be easy to strip the aluminium threads in the scope with a steel bolt with the wrong thread. Make sure the bolts aren't long enough to foul your primary mirror. Keep checking as you screw them in by looking through the corrector. You should see the bolts if they start poking through the inside of the casing.
  2. Hi cityblue99 It should be a lot easier to find objects in your 20mm eyepiece because it gives you a lower magnification (45x) than your 9mm eyepiece (100x) so you can see a lot more sky through it.. I'm wondering why it won't come to focus though. You could take the whole set up to the local telescope dealer and try the scope with a new 20mm ep to see if that's the problem. Your username indicates you might just live in a city. It's a lot harder to spot objects like the Orion Nebula and Andromeda with vast amounts of light pollution. Keep trying though. I'd start with the Orion Nebula. It's easier to find than Andromeda, especially at this time of year. It will look like a puff of light surrounding a few stars. Not like the photos! Still really impressive though. You might just see Jupiter's cloud belts and Saturn's rings with your scope but a larger scope will show these better. I have a 60mm finder scope and don't see this stuff through it. Good Luck.
  3. My Manfrotto tripod Is only tall enough for viewing up to about 45 degrees. For the zenith, I've taken to lying down with a pillow under my head and hand holding the 15x70. This has been surprisingly steady. Much better than hand held when standing for me. And it's easier on the neck.
  4. Someone else on this forum had their 12 inch new stored upright in the downstairs loo. It looked just like a massive hot water tank. Hopefully it won't get damp.
  5. Hi starman If all else fails you could loosen the finder's mounting and stick a bit of card or something under the front of the mounting where it meets the scope, re-tightening the bolts. This would raise the altitude enough to come within your range of adjustment, hopefully.
  6. Welcome Pete. That's a very nice image.
  7. Sometimes I prefer the view on a barlowed ep the the equivalent focal length ep without the barlow. Not sure why. They're useful little beasties though. They can double as an extension tube and are helpful if you intend to get into planetary imaging. I don't notice much light loss or loss of contrast with mine.
  8. That's a nice shot. Mine always come our bright orange due to the light pollution.
  9. I'm watching this thread with interest. Just about to do something similar with my Vixen GP mount.
  10. I'm wondering when the filth on the corrector outweighs the risk of a scratch from cleaning. My corrector is covered in dirt and dew spots. No brave enough to touch it though.
  11. It should be ok for webcam. You might find you run into difficulties if you try long exposures though.
  12. How about "sidereal" Is it pronounced side-real or side-ear-ee-al? I've been not saying this for years now.
  13. Hi Chris. My 7 year old is into it too. When he has to go to bed I get the scope to myself though.
  14. Ok. I'll stop whining about the weather here then! Hope your brother has a shovel.
  15. I lurked for a year as well. Surely the New England weather can't be any worse than here in the UK?
  16. M31. Just a smudge from London but it was very impressive philosophically if you know what I mean. Lots of implications for the scale of the universe.
  17. chard

    Little Dipper?

    Hi Tim What do you enjoy looking at with your 70mm then? It might help you decide your future scope.
  18. I put my eyepieces, diagonal etc in the oven at 50C with the door open and put the scope in front of the oven. Gently removes the moisture in 5 mins or so. Sounds a bit scary but it's better than having all that glass around when the kids get up early. I'd guess the interior of the over doesn't get to more than about 25C or so.
  19. There's a ylena 85 on astrbuysell.com at the moment. It's a Russian mak with a longer focal length so better on the planets/moon. I love mine. It's so sharp. Small and built like a piece of military hardware.
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