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  1. This was captured at 09.05.2018 from Sofia, Bulgaria. The picture is stack of 30% from 5000 frames. Camera: ZWO ASI224MC + 2,5X Barlow Filter: Baader UV/Ir cut filter 1.25 Telescope: Skywatcher 200PDS Mount: Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro GoTo Softwere: SharpCap 3.0, Autostakkert 3 and Registax 6.1
  2. Hi! This was my first picture of the Moon with my new ZWO ASI224MC! There was a lot of turbulence, but I think that the result is nice! Info: ASI224MC, 200mm f5, Baader UV/Ir-cut/L filter. Captured with SharpCap 3.0 (54 FPS). Stack of best 20% of 500 frames, sorted i PIPP and processed in Registax 6.1! Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Date and time: 30.10.2017 / 19:48 local time
  3. Just bought a new one...Thanks anyway! Regards, Dimitar
  4. Hi! I`m looking for my first guider/planetary camera! I`ve read a lot in different forums and first consider the QHY5L-ii or ASI120MC, but everywhere they recommended the mono versions because of the QE! That is why i think that the best option for me is ASI224MC! It is with good QE and is color (which is easier for planetary)! Astrobuysell listing number - 130034 P.S. For guiding I`m considering to use it with my finder (SkyWatcher 9x50)! Any other suggestions are welcome! Thanks for watching and clear skies, Dimitar
  5. Hi Andrew and welcome to SGL! So many people and everyone has something to ofer... great forum! Greatings from Sofia, Bulgaria and clear skies, Dimitar P.S. Great photos by the way!
  6. One welcome and from the other side of Europe.
  7. Very good! Delight for the eyes...
  8. Probably! I know that they are very similar to the Meade 5000 HD-60 series!
  9. No! Or at least i can't find any change! Everything is as they were out of the boxes!
  10. I own my 5mm BST from almost a year! And my 6,5 mm Meade 5000 HD-60 from 2-3 months longer!
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