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  1. Right, for now I plan to use an 800 mm f/8 lens attached to a DSLR camera. Combined weight should be close to 5 pounds. Before I began to consider the EXOS 2GT I was considering the Sky-Watcher AllView, which would work perfectly for the solar eclipse but is not equatorial. I may be convinced to go with the AllView if the EXOS 2GT is majorly problematic, I would rather have a good alt-az mount than a bad eq mount. My mind changes every few hours these days, which is why I've finally decided to come to the astro forums and seek some input from people who know, live and breathe this
  2. Hello all, I have been researching for the past two months what equipment I will need to buy to photograph the upcoming solar eclipse, I have everything under control except the goto mount. Because I am new to this, forgive me if I have made any false assumptions or have any misunderstandings. So after going back and forth with my short-term goals, long-term goals, and budget, I have decided I want an equatorial mount since I have read that alt-az mounts are not well-suited for 30~60 second exposures, due to image rotation. Although the price is a little higher, I figure it is wort
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