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  1. I know this is obsolete now, but I just saw this and wanted to mention that I have a ZWO OAG, Lodestar X2, ZWO EFW and ASI 1600MM working together well. I needed to add a 16mm spacer between the EFW and the ASI1600. camera. So the final train is: Scope > OAG > EFW > 16mm spacer > ASI1600MM Then, the Lodestar could come to focus - BUT not when it was seated all the way into the holder. I had to pull it out a bit - but not so much as to be unstable. I could still lock the lodestar in - but not by much. At least it works. Peter
  2. I bought a new CEM25P and just spend two nights trying to get it to track. I've had many GEM mounts over the last 30 years, so I thought this would easy. But it seems that either I have a problem with the mount, or I am getting old. I leveled, balanced, and polar aligned the mount well. Then I attached a guide scope. I did NOT attach the cable from the guidescope to mount. I also did not attach the mount to my computer. This way I could watch stars drift and get an idea of was going on with just the mount. I checked the CEM25's tracking rate, and it is set to sidereal. LAT/LONG and perfect. Time accurate. Next, I watched stars drift on my laptop using PHD. When the mount is turned on, and tracking turned ON - the stars move somewhat quickly in RA. Like they are slewing slowly. When I turn OFF the tracking (zero key) they still drift, but a little slower. When I turn off the power to the mount, of course the stars drift, but at slower rate still - normal sidereal rate. When I turn the power back on the stars drift a little faster. Turn the tracking back on, and they drift faster still. But when I set the slew speed to 2x, and press and hold down the left arrow key, and the stars STOP drifting. Perfect tracking. Thanks for any advice! CF
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