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  1. I must be wrong, after all you have said so ! Henry b
  2. Pass the buck or deal with the issue, which one is it ? Henry B
  3. I can now see a customer with a fully operational scope over the festive holidays, I have used some harsh words for which I will apologise openly, Skywatcher products have served our hobby very well and I will always acknowledge this fact. Henry B.
  4. The suggestion of a dew heater as an Elastoplast in this case is noted as a poor show, a very poor show! Henry b.
  5. I do not believe as a customer receiving a new product delivery from a supplier that you should have the need to have it checked by a third party! However i am sure FLO will resolve the issues. Henry B.
  6. I have had the same problems, now I am using ASI120mm mini in all my rigs with no guiding problems running Phd2/ other. I believe you will be ok with that choice. Henry b.
  7. HI, on my 130ss I removed the 3inch tube from the focuser and fitted a FLI DF-2 focuser. I still adjust the main focuser for main position but use the FLI for all auto focus adjustments. Most adapters are available. Hope this helps. Henry B.
  8. I bet you feel satisfied . Henry b.
  9. My guess is your ccd is fogging up over time therefore the assumpsion of poor focussing. Henry b.
  10. I also have come to the same conclusion as Rodd, I must add it has been an expensive conclusion. Henry B.
  11. HI, Talk to Ian King imaging. he is in your region close by. Henry b.
  12. Tell me where it is and i will have it if you are not sure! and hurry up. Henry b
  13. I confess I ignored those valid points you have raised, I was not aware of the full facts, at my time of life I believed I knew it all! Henry b.
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