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  1. My guess is your ccd is fogging up over time therefore the assumpsion of poor focussing. Henry b.
  2. I also have come to the same conclusion as Rodd, I must add it has been an expensive conclusion. Henry B.
  3. HI, Talk to Ian King imaging. he is in your region close by. Henry b.
  4. Tell me where it is and i will have it if you are not sure! and hurry up. Henry b
  5. I confess I ignored those valid points you have raised, I was not aware of the full facts, at my time of life I believed I knew it all! Henry b.
  6. so you have to join the club then? Henry b.
  7. Never underestimate the undertaking of design, development, testing and manufacture of any new product with firmware involvement..............today we need new manufacturers and new risk takers. future employment for the new generations is vital! support is needed and I for one will purchase one...... Henry B.
  8. I can! I currently run a TMB/APM 115 triplet and a TMB/APM130 quad apo, both very good scopes, well constructed and solid. I purchased both second hand and have had no problems.....Henry b.
  9. Power supply? The warmer it gets the current supplied could reduce, USB and power hungry CCD etc etc! Henry b.
  10. I have recently obtained a 5 element Esprit 100 with a 3 inch FT focuser attached by a previous owner, a gamble that has surprised me ........The scope has now replaced my FSQ106! I am a retired brand snob that has been reminded i am idiot and should not believe everything one reads.......Henry b.
  11. Progress is similar to plastic bags in the sea! henry b.
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