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  1. henry b

    Taking darks - a cautionary tale

    Wrapping a cover over a filter wheel for darks is sensible when doing darks in the daytime, but your camera should not need it! if you have front light leak suspect the cover ( metal / tin is best) some plastics leak light or air , ensure your cover is tight!!! Henry b.
  2. henry b

    Taking darks - a cautionary tale

    Your camera is designed for normal air circulation movement, the fan is added to aid this circulation therefore it was never designed to be enclosed within a case. If your darks have light leakage it can only be a poor cover or a problem in your camera. I suspect a poor cover is your culprit! Avoid a fire at all times ( this helps with current consumption) Henry b.
  3. HI, my offer still stands if the reducer is available! henry b. ( in France)
  4. henry b

    good news ... bad news

    That is not amp glow! check your installation, you have a leak! Henry b
  5. Hi, suggest you remove the front bolt first, then see if the rear bolt can move forward,, if so then unscrew slowly the rear bolt .. Good luck Henry b.
  6. henry b

    14” Meade RCX

    This is the unit from ENS OPTICS, I owned it once ,sold it..... then got it back! and now appreciate it fully ...... suggest you reconsider your intention to sell if large aperture RC type performance is preferred, Good Luck . henry b
  7. henry b

    14” Meade RCX

    I have the 10 inch ardino unit mounted on an EM400 ,works very well, electronic focusing and collimation......dew heating and fan cooling. great scope! great concept! DO NOT GET RID OF IT ! henry b.
  8. henry b

    MaxIm dl

    HI, I started with MDL and now use SGP it allows me much more freedom to use what i want under my control......
  9. henry b

    Astrodon vs... The rest.

    Once you start to use the "better filters" other perceived issues start to be seen, optial or mechanical! the costs start to increase. Henry b in SW France.
  10. henry b

    COMPLETED - FOUND - EQ5/HEQ5 16" Pier Extension Tube

    I have a new unused 16 inch EQ5 white extention, you can have however you will need to ship from south west france unless you know of someone returning to the UK. Henry
  11. You have a very fast wide view lens package. The primary together with the correcting lens are fixed and non moving, the secondary lens are adjustable from the front allowing on site collimation. The only unknown is the back focus from the primary/corrector i suspect very short. The camera was fixed at the rear internally the whole unit was transportable. do not let it gather dust again! henry b
  12. What did you want the lens to work as, a dob! or sct! it wont do either, in fact it probably has an exchange value with someone who wants a fast imaging lens like me! henry b.
  13. Thanks for your reply, i have sent you a PM. Please reply i can explain and help possibly. henry b.
  14. I have watched with interest, you did have a very fast wide field imaging system that now will now require re collimating! reasemble and put a ccd senser behind the primary mirror and corrector lens . The distance i suspect could be short and the senser size required might be full 35mm. henry b.

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