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  1. Hi All I would just like to tell you all about the great service i got from Opticstar, Ive just bought a PX-35c coolair Camera and im very pleased with it 'I would like to thank George For all his help and time explainning the ins and outs of ccd cameras' also the quick delivery. I will be buyiny from opticstar again so once again many thanks to all at opticstar
  2. I love my 10'' Dob in fact i'm out in my obby now cleaning messing around with it just getting it ready for when we do get some stars. Good luck and happy viewing
  3. Looking for help ,Can a hotec collimator go out of colimation, we've not had clear nights in N I for a while so i thought, good chance to clean up the scope and other bits, i have a celestron collimation eyepiece so i tried it in the scope and the collimation was well out so i put a col cap in and set about colimation useing the cap as well as the col eyepiece and got it well lined up but when i put the Hotec in it was badly out so im thinking my Hotec is out of line, if so does anyone know where i could send it to to get it reset:icon_scratch:
  4. laserpen.co.uk Thats where i got mine Very helpful and free next day delivery
  5. Merry Xmas to all you stargazers and a happy new year, From Rob in Crossgar N Ireland , Looking forward to clear nights and great chat in 2012.
  6. I to have cooling fan's on both my scope 10"dob and 6" Tal and they are worth having. Both fans are 4" and they clear any haze mist of in a few min's, vibration no prob's
  7. Here in N Ireland 40 mile per hour winds from the south, rain all day Just checked my weather station strongest gust today was 46mph @ 4.35 wind seams to be dropping as the last gust was 25.1 mph don't think i'll see many stars tonight ( thank goodness for SGL )
  8. Just wonder what the optics are like in it, hope they haven't let the optics go just to make the starsense techology be the main selling point, After all its the scope that you look through not where it can point.
  9. Take her outside point at the supernova in M101 and shout mummy
  10. Hi All, Has anyone seen or tried the new Sky prodigy and if so what do you think any feedback:icon_eek:
  11. I always get mine around the 15th 17th of each month and in four years never had any props yet i live in N Ireland.
  12. The mount looks very like a Tal mount cut down and mounted on a boggie looks very good.
  13. The only voice i hear is the enemy hanging out the bedroom window shouting don't you wake me up when you come to bed
  14. We'll have clouds for days now that you've got a new scope Welcome back
  15. HI Misa Is the screen on the handset still showing data or is it blank I,e had a lot of trouble with mine, my handset works ok but i cant read the screen as its blank.I,ve been trying to buy a new screen for it, even tried to get in touch with skywatcher the website is so bad they don't seem to care. Like me you may have a lot of trouble trying to get it repaired. PS A new one don't come cheap.
  16. Just keep an eye open when the wife comes home from a bit of retail therapy, I,ve caught the Enemy sneaking a pair of shoes up the stairs where she was going to hide them, so every time i get something i've got some ammunition to shoot back with.
  17. I knew i should have stayed at school !
  18. If anyone asks me are there any aliens i tell them that there living on a planet full of them (who's to say that were not the aliens)
  19. I paid £1.23 for a half hour argument and 20p for a silly walk niver mind the trillion pounds for the Galaxy which ebay have just pulled th plug on (can i get a refund)
  20. EBay's pulled the plug what happen's to my 1 trillion pound bid+ postage.
  21. Nice but its not as good as my Andromeda, and i got it for a lot less than that.
  22. Hi all, I built my own obby dont know how to get the photo's on here but if you look in my profile you'll see it i've got my 10" dod mounted in it and the tal2 i've just bought
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