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  1. Sounds like I would need to fashion up a good sized square I can screw into the back of the dslr where the screen was.
  2. Dang.... See I was wondering if there was a way I could do it where I could remove the screen and run the mod through the back and still be able to do live view via smart phone (dslr controller app) and then in the future the laptop. I just need that input for a intervalometer. perhaps theres a way i could move the input out of the way...
  3. Hi everybody!! Just joined after lurking for a year. I have done the filter removal as instructed by Gary Honis and was satisfied with the results. Only one thing I'm wanting to learn and that's how to do a cold finger mod on my canon 1000d. I have found some links, but mostly any instructions I've found were outdated and removed from the web, so it's been difficult to find a mod to my liking with detailed step by step and supply list. One of my main concerns is that I still want to use the side of my camera that has usb and the input for my intervalometer (currently unguide
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