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  1. EQ6 concrete pier adapter

    Hi Gerry, You guessed right, England.........Sheffield, South Yorkshire, I can post to Italy, If you are interested, I can easily get a quote for shipping. Cheers.
  2. EQ6 concrete pier adapter

    Here is a pier adapter I put together and never used, all fixings are stainless steel,....... everything you need except a big hole and a ton of concrete £50 includes postage
  3. Philips SPC900 webcam in anodised aluminium housing, standard mini USB socket. Clamps directly onto polarscope on EQ6 mount £30 SOLD Includes postage
  4. A few more bits and bobs

    Eyepiece projection adapter with extension tube £10 Canon T ring adapter £6 SOLD Skywatcher 2" light pollution filter £10 SOLD Collimating eyepiece £10 EQ6 bluetooth Eqmod adapter £15 SOLD Logitech wireless gamepad F710 £15 All prices include postage
  5. Old EQ6 needs new home SOLD

    Hi Frank, Yes I can wait, will you be collecting? Paul.
  6. Here's my old EQ6 with Goto upgrade, polar scope LED with brightness selector and altitude mod. Also heavy gauge stainless tubes fitted to tripod legs. Plenty of use left in this old thing, all works perfect. £300 SOLD Collection preferred, I could put it all on a pallet, I think shipping costs are in the region of £50
  7. HoTech SCA laser collimator

    Well looked after HoTech SCA laser collimator with 2" adapter £75 Includes postage Cheers
  8. Baader MPCC SOLD

    I bought it because I thought I needed it, but never used it. Baader MPCC Visual/Photographic Coma Corrector kit 2458400 Mint condition £90 SOLD
  9. A few eyepieces and bits

    Nice 1, not for sale at any price
  10. A few eyepieces and bits

    Selling most of my gear, time for a change... Skywatcher Nivana 16mm £60 SOLD Skywatcher Nivana 7mm £60 SOLD Skywatcher Nivana 4mm £60 Televue Naglar 5mm £175 William Optics 45° erecting prism £60 (unused) Revelation Astro 80mm 2" extention tube £12 SOLD Antares 50mm 2" extention tube £12 SOLD Revelation 1.25" 2x barlow £20 Generic 1.25" 3x Barlow £20 Celestron filter set, 6 coloured plus moon filter £35 All include postage Cheers.
  11. Telescope for sale. I’ve decided to sell as, because of other commitments and lack of youth, I no longer get use this. Orion Optics (UK) 300mm F4 Europa on EQ6 Mount, heavily modded. Tripod has had thicker wall stainless steel inner tubes legs fitted to prevent deformation when locking the legs. The mount has been upgraded to GOTO, Bluetooth EQMOD interface, also polar scope LED fitted with brightness selector. The original Synscan handset also included. Philips SPC900 fitted to polar scope in custom, anodised aluminium housing. The mount has been fitted with a replacement, larger latitude ‘stop’, see pictures 1 & 2. This means shorted latitude adjustment bolts are used to eliminate the EQ6 bendy bolt problem, but the mount can only be adjusted between latitudes 42° and 60°, not a problem if used in the UK. The telescope has had a new 9 point primary mirror cell fitted with cooling fan, new spider fitted with knurled adjustment screws, ball bearing aluminium rotating tube rings with locking screws (custom made), 2 speed Crayford focuser with electric stepper motor. The electric focuser is two channel built using the mounts original stepper motors and electronics after the GOTO upgrade, the reason for a two channel focuser is that also included in the sale is a Skywatcher Startravel 80T optical tube assembly with two speed Crayford focuser with the second of the two electric focusers fitted to a guide scope mount complete with another SPC900 with long exposure and amplifier off mod as a guide camera. I never got round to fitting the guide scope to the main scope but this can easily be done by using a dual saddle arrangement, I decided to sell the two scopes together because of the electric focuser controller, the electric focuser also has a wireless remote option. Both mirror were recoated by Orion Optics with their Hilux coating about two years ago. Also included, full set of Skywatcher Nivana eyepieces ( 28mm, 16mm, 7mm, 4mm) plus Televue Nagler 5mm eyepiece, various adapters / extension tubes, cheap barlows (two 2x, one 3x) , Canon T ring with both 1.25” and 2” nose piece, Bader Coma Corrector with all extensions tubes, Hotech 2” laser collimator, game controller for EQMOD. Peli case for the mount and flight cases for the eyepieces and accessories also included. I also have a pier mount adapter (custom made) for the EQ6 mount. Almost forgot, the main scope has been flocked and the tube extended slightly, when the new mirror cell was fitted this brought the mirrors closer together, extending the tube slightly returned them to their optimum position. Ideally I’d like to sell everything together, I’m not sure what to ask but the price I have in mind is £2000 for the lot . Whether you are interested or not , your opinion on the price would be appreciated. The scope is located in Sheffield. This is collection only, however I am prepared to meet half way up to 100 miles. Thanks for looking.
  12. Hi Craney, Thanks for the comparison, and as you say the PM does produce the better image. If money was no object eh!! I'll do more research before I commit.
  13. Thanks all for the info James I'd love to buy yet another telescope but, I daren't. I've decided to go for the ES, having read a few reviews, at half the price of a TV, it's got to be worth a go. If I ever get that rare combination of time and a clear sky, I'll post some images.
  14. Is there any justification in spending £202 on a Televue 5x Powermate when I can buy a Explore Scientific 5x Barlow / Focal Extender for £99 ? They are both Four-lens Telecentric Barlows (I'm led to believe) and Explore Scientific seem to get pretty good reviews. I plan to use it solely for planetary imaging. Has anyone, any thoughts on either ?
  15. To flock or not

    I recently flocked my 12" newt. Here's photo of it half done, sorry about the focus. It definitely show the improvement.