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  1. Thanks I've just been on FLO expecting it to be more expensive than that. Selling the 200p will fund that little fella. Just had some plasterboard delivered today to board the warm room out... I'm looking forward to this winter now
  2. So after much thought and a thousand changes of mind I've settled with the 150PDS. Sacrifice of 50mm but hey ho. Thanks for the input hopefully my eq5 st4 mod will last me a few more moons till I finally get round to saving for a Heq5. Thanks
  3. Thanks.. I'll get there lol. I'm using the colour CCD but plan to send it off to Astronomiser in the very near future to get the B+W sensor fitted. I've been looking at the 0.5 modification to help with focus. I find the pentaprism a pain to use but then again I'm not used to it as I've only used the scope a hand full of times. Wonderful experience though this h-alpha viewing
  4. Thanks I'll follow up on the b+w CCD then. Another attempt with some other avis Bit better but still out of focus on the disk
  5. Hi again everyone Finally got the PST out today for a go at imaging. Visually the sun looked amazing. But I just can't seem to get any clear images. Not sure if it's capture or processing or both. Has anyone got any links to any useful tutorial websites? I'm Using a neximage CCD and a 40mm pst so know I should be getting much better than this. Will be having the dmk21 b+w sensor fitted to the neximage this month so hopefully that will help. Thanks
  6. Can see me ending up with more instead of less at this rate
  7. I'm rotating by the day now as whether to keep the 200p and move the mirror up or go for the ed80. Then every fourth day I decide on a 150pds. Mmmmmm. Still can't get my head around the fact that aperture doesn't matter with ap. why did they send a 2.4 meter scope up to space when they could have sent a 80mm apo up lol.
  8. Ed80 it is (two days in a row) so the 200p is for sale if any one is interested? Going to whack it on the classifieds later on :s wish she didn't have to go. Time to hunt an ed80 Thanks for the input everyone
  9. Lol I'm changing my mind by the day... It's an ED80 day today
  10. No I had not, makes sense if the aperture doesn't effect the imaging. Found the coma corrector for 106 quid and the scope only weights 4kg! Another spanner in the works
  11. The Heq5 would be nice but its a little out of reach at the moment blah. If I get the ed80 I can use it on my eq5 till I save for a heq5. The other option of a 150p does sound appealing because I love the diffraction spikes you get from a newt, I know they can be added in but for me that's just cheating and adding something that wasn't captured. Mmmm why is it always so hard to choose a scope . Need to find the weight difference between the 150pds and the 200p Cheers
  12. Someone to blow the clouds away at last.... http://m.rutland-times.co.uk/news/local/suspected-smoke-over-colsterworth-turns-out-to-be-a-cloud-1-5434228
  13. We meet again quatermass I did the eq5 mod in the end that's also why I'm looking for a lighter scope
  14. Thanks moriniboy. I have swapped it round and all seems to be working ok. The manufacture had got the holder the wrong way round. Thanks for confirming
  15. Think my mind is made up. As much as I love my 200p I think it's got to go. Was my first scope too which makes me want to keep it. I recon I'll get out more with the ed80 plus I can stick it on my slt mount if I go anywhere. Thanks to everyone for your advice and suggestions, once again this community proves to be an invaluable source of information on my astro journey Thanks
  16. Haha ok ill stick to andromeda tbh I didn't realise all the galaxies were so small. There's a few to go at I guess. So the general consensus is ed80. Thank you so much for the guidance... Ill get the ball rolling... My mrs will over the moon when the 200p has gone lol Thanks
  17. That's a good price! I might even be able to get a straight swap with someone. The 200p seems to be doing about £190 on astro buy and sell. Why does it struggle with galaxies? The whole point of the exercise is to have less telescopes in the house and smaller ones where possible. I need an all rounder and don't want to get rid of the 200p if the ed80 isn't up to galaxies. Galaxies are the main objects I'd like to have a go at imaging. Thanks
  18. Thanks again for everyone's input is the celestron ed80 any better than the SW ed80? 160 quid for the FR looks reasonable. I'm looking to buy the ed80 second hand, how much (roughly) do they go for? Nothing on astro buy and sell at the moment, will have to keep my eye out Cheers
  19. Thanks for that information A.G. Ill have to have a good read up on that. Would be great to hear of your results tich as I'm still sat on the fence about what to do. The ed 80 is looking like a strong contender. How much is the ff and focal reducer? Is that a basic requirement for dso imaging with the scope? Thanks
  20. Thank you for all your replies I thought the greater area would collect more photons over the same amount of time? I have an st80 on my 200p and have done the st4 dual axis mod but the mount really does not like it! I'm intrigued about your statement how does that work out? I have noticed a lot of people using small fracs for dso imaging so would be interesting know reason aperture doesn't matter. Baggywrinkle those images are great. The 3rd reason I am considering an ed80 is because the mrs is fed up off the 200p in the house forgot to mention that
  21. Hello all I have had a sw 200p for quite a few years now and find due to the size it is the last scope i go for. I was wondering if an ed80 would be any good for deep sky photography or will the 200p blind it with the aperture and lack of chromatic abrasions? If the 200p is better I have to by an eq6 to get good guiding which is a bit expensive lol. Any advice is welcome Thank you
  22. Just got confirmation that it was the wrong way so project complete thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and helping me complete the pst. Should put me on till next year when I can do the stage 2 mod or double stack depending which way I go. Just need some sunny weather now Cheers David
  23. The proper way glued in from the top instead of the bottom! Must have been someone's first day... Or I've wrongly swapped it round Before
  24. Couldn't help myself.... Had a quick look earlier, gradually edging my eye over with no eye piece in and could see the suns disk looks successful, but till someone confirms it I'll have to refrain lol.
  25. Of course. Hopefully merlin will be along soon and I can get cracking thanks again
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