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  1. Windows is rubbish I think it's far to say
  2. Thanks Tom Ill give it another go shortly
  3. Lol just pressed done on the page where you enter the ratios and it's access denied again and gone to the beginning. I'll try again tonight lol. Windows does what it wants Tom. Astroeq OS next
  4. I'm in!!! Must have not done the "dirty fix" the right way the first 2 times Thanks to all
  5. Oooo think its off!! EEPROM read in progress!
  6. Haha. I tried that fix from your notes but still nothing.
  7. Hi Tom. I think they are what you mean. Still getting the same error with v4-diy board setting. Thanks
  8. That's the list. Not sure what's going off just keeps saying access denied or not in sync. I am using xp too wonder if that's anything to do with it.
  9. Nope that didn't work lol. I've used a different USB port that has registered as com port 4 but still says access denied, strange. If I choose the wrong port it simply says not found. I'm guessing yours just loaded straight up?
  10. Yeah checked in device manager and Astro eq is com 3. Just trying a good old fashion pc restart.
  11. Finally got round to setting up I'm guessing the board version is v4-eq5 board?
  12. Haha. Nice round stars at 5mins? 5 mins is great in my eyes! I've only managed 60secs unguided so I'd be over the moon if I can consistently obtain 5 mins! You happy enough with it to post your results
  13. I'd be interested to know how long you manage I'm just about to drag all the gear in the house to have a dry run in the warmth and get to grips with eqmod and setting up the motors. Should be able to tell if the motors are going the right way too. Not sure that I'll see much through the kitchen ceiling though
  14. The weekend is here!!!!! Comet Ison seems to have made it round The Sun in some shape or form, Orion is just popping up over the house and I have my Astroeq and all necessary cables ready to to set up!! Time to play
  15. Similar to many.. Start with the orion 32mm then flick between 18mm + 9mm x-cel usually. Can't beat low mag though
  16. Now that is a contender Thanks for all the replies This community is just brilliant. I agree that the st80 may not be ideal and I have looked for second hand but it's all higher spec items up for grabs at the moment. My brother-in-law is 27 and I'm sure once he gets a first scope he will be bitten by the bug! I know he isn't going to get anything amazing for 100-130 quid but I just want to make sure it's something that will show him just enough to make him want another. Thanks again everyone. Can anyone else give feed back on the skywatcher skyhawk 1145 on an eq1?. Didn't realise how low the price was on this. Thanks again everyone.
  17. Thanks QM. Just got home and mr postman has Delivered my cables so I'm good to go. I'll spend the night reading through your notes then give it a trial run tomorrow. Probably have to take up some slack in the gears, tried it before but still seems a lot there. Wish me luck!
  18. Have you got the link to the software? I need to get it installed cables should be here today or tomorrow
  19. Yeah I was thinking that. I own a st80 that I use as a guide scope and they do suffer from CA quite bad when viewing the moon and planets which is my only reservation, at least with the dob that's all forgot about but the heritage 130 dob does look a bit cheap and not very substantial. I'm leaning towards the st80
  20. I have been asked by the mother-in-law to help her find a first scope for the brother in law for Christmas. She has a budget of £100 at which point I tried to explain the cost of decent optics but she still would like me to have a look. Only thing I can think of is an st80 on an eq1 or a heritage 130p dob that both cash in at 130 quid. I'm inclined to say the eq1 that can have a motor drive fitted at a later date for 25 quid. I don't know.. Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Welcome prepare yourself for a one way ticket down the rabbit hole One thing to check with the slt mount that sometimes gets missed is the time and date. Otherwise alignment will fail. Enjoy
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