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  1. Nice one I got 40 mins on this last year and yours looks loads better. Think I need a few lessons in processing
  2. That's great thanks for the info I can't seem to get on with cdc plus I'm a seasoned user of stellarium and I love it. I'll investigate tomorrow Thanks again
  3. Can you use stellarium instead of cdc? I'm sure I've seen somewhere that you can. Any ideas? If so how does it compare to cdc?
  4. Ok I stand corrected just my opinion of my experience with the eq5. The 200p is a beautiful weapon and if I could afford the eq6 or heq5 I would have kept it.
  5. Sorry I didn't mean heavy to lift, just you will need a mount with a bit of beef to carry it happily. My eq5 wasn't really upto the job (bit wobbly)
  6. I love the celestron xcel. Good value for money
  7. The 200p is quite a big heavy scope. I have just sold mine and replaced it with a 150pds and a small apo refractor just because of size and mounting. The 150pds is a really good scope that I would recommend. I plan on investing in a large dob in the very near future for visual. If you are wanting an eq mounted scope for imaging I would opt for something smaller than the 200p. Then save for a 300p dob for visual maybe
  8. Good to hear you got it all working anyway
  9. Had a kind of white noise sound to go with it
  10. I had that after I had turned the current down on the motors. Might not be related. I'd check with Tom before you go ramping up the current though
  11. Haha I did the same, ended up reading them on the go...
  12. The best way I found for that was to unplug the USB and power with astroeq open the press begin 10 seconds after you plug them back in, then at the settings page for the gear ratios etc unplug them again and when you have filled the information in plug them in again then wait 10 seconds before you press done. Hope that works
  13. I'm not at home at the minute or I would do a screen shot. If it's not too late when I get back I'll try and put it up
  14. You need to check that it is set to eq5/6 in the settings first. I had the same
  15. the Astroeq is unbelievable. When you see your mount do that first slew, any teething problems are soon forgotten. Windows is a tad awkward at times, I find the simplest of tasks a slog on a pc, although I did like windows 98 second edition quite a bit
  16. Good update QM cloud cloud cloud here tonight boo. I've been giving it a good run in the house and trying to get to grips with eqmod and cdc. Think a good read up on limit setting is needed. It's like a having a totally new setup! Good riddance to that clunky hand controller!
  17. Lol that is why I opted for a PST You can do stage one and stage two mods to a pst that allows you to use the etalon and the blocking filter in a larger refractor. You need to buy an energy rejection filter for the front though that comes in at around £400 for a 90mm. Oh and obviously the cost of a donor scope. I have an Evostar 102mm that is f/10 (same as the pst) when money allows the plan is to do a stage one modification. Something else for you to think about google it and you will find a lot of information about it
  18. You can buy them but you will need deep pockets. http://www.meade.com/product_pages/coronado/filters/h_alpha_60.php
  19. If you are anything like me this will become your most used scope be sure to get a zoom like others have said. I have mine on an SLT mount. Takes 2 minutes to get out and start viewing. Lovely little scope. Enjoy
  20. No apologies needed Tom! It's a beautiful piece of kit! I blame ghosts in the windows system lol. It's about as stable as a one legged elephant.
  21. Managed to get a pattern worked out with the right time to pull the plug. Not very technical but got there in the end thanks for all the help Tom field run later if the cloud moves on.
  22. Well... Some trial and error but it's all installed and working. What a piece of kit this is Tom!!! Thank you for creating it Just need to turn down the current to my motors and I think I'm good to go
  23. Trying safe mode to get it setup now, going to be no pins left on this USB plug before long
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