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  1. I'll have a go at them then cheers. I've done darks and bias before but never done the lights. I might have A go at that too. I have an old 15 inch LCD screen that just goes white when it comes on which is quite handy! Never thought to use it lol
  2. All clear here tomorrow night !!! First field run for me can't wait! Not sure I'm going to get the guiding going till my obssy is done. Warm room is ready so the scope can go outside for now any good target you would recommend? Nice easy ones except m42 and m45. Cheers
  3. I can't find the photo. Maybe I was getting mixed up with the post you put on Facebook and another image of Jupiter. If you are viewing through a window I would put it down to that. You will get all sorts of crazy reflections going off doing that. I've tried it before unfortunately you have to get cold to get the best from your gear lol.
  4. Shouldn't matter as long as it's over the minimum. Are the motors getting too hot? Wonder if you are pulling too much through the Astroeq. I'd take that up with Tom if there's a burning smell. The motor potentiometers might need adjusting. I'm just guessing though
  5. What power supply are you using Robert? That doesn't sound good at all
  6. I've see someone else on about this on Facebook. They have posted photo too unless that was you?
  7. Oh didn't realise you were keeping the 200p the dual speed focuser is great on the pds range. Be a nice little add on for your 200p maybe.
  8. What adapters would I need for that though. Sounds a much better plan if they are available
  9. I'm not sure Keith. Guess I could use it with and without the diagonal to get the focus range maybe? Is there an alternative I'm missing?
  10. Welcome this forum is the best place for you if you are looking to upgrade. If it wasn't for this place and all the amazing people on here I'd still be sat with my binos scratching my head. Enjoy
  11. I always wear my converse but if it drops past -3 my feet are cold! Maybe them foil inserts will make them toasty I need to invest in some decent warm foot wear really, looks a bit silly with a storm proof all in one and converse poking out of the bottom suppose no one can see in the dark...
  12. I'll have a good read got it in my Dropbox. Looks like I'll go for the proper job then. Just needed a bit of peer pressure
  13. I've got a diagonal that the pst bf/ep fits into just need the sct focuser and adaptor that fits the etalon. Will see how it evolves be good if I can get rid of the pentaprism focuser but on the downside it makes putting the pst back together a little bit more of a task if I want to take it anywhere.
  14. I thought it would align with the guide scope cam rather than the dslr. I'm using an intervalometer instead of a direct link to my pc at the moment. Keep meaning get APT tool up and running. Is that what you use QM?
  15. But then again that's hunting more adapters etalon to sct... One step at a time, I'll stick to the stage 1
  16. Looks good I expected to erf to be much less transparent! If I save the 100 pound on the erf I might just go for the stage 2 and use the 5mm bf in a diagonal until I can get a bf10.
  17. Great image I need to get astro tortilla downloaded and figured out.. Didn't even know it existed till I saw your mention! Astroeq is the best 90 quid I've spent upto now. Has anyone tried unguided imaging with astroeq yet? Just wondered how it compared to the standard hand controller sidereal rate.
  18. I'm in the middle of mine and have built it in with an existing out building. Expect to have spent 800 quid by the time it's done. That started at about 400 though Nothing seems to be cheap!
  19. That's great info Ian. I've done a quick run through assuming I use a 90mm erf and once mounted in a lens cell I figure I'll have 85mm actual usable lens so allowing 3mm for vignetting 82mm. I've come up with 196mm from the objective or 804mm from the focal point. With a question mark Is a 75mm ok for long use on a 102mm aperture? Could save a few quid there! Thanks
  20. The pier is finally going in this week wahoo! 5 mins guiding will be more than enough for me. I'm using dslr too and there is no budget for a cooled CCD lol
  21. Greater than 2.5 amp. I'd stick to a psu. Power will drop off fast from the batteries in the cold plus the higher slew speeds that astroeq provides will kill the batteries compared to normal dual axis operation.
  22. Looking forward to your report. I have my observatory build underway and hampering any efforts to use my gear as the electrics are all disconnected at the minute. Hopefully won't be long before the roof goes back on though Not sure the weather here would permit any viewing even if the power was hooked up :s
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