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  1. Hi Is anyone from around the Sheffield area? Im new to astronomy and unfortunately dont know anyone that shares the same interest Was wondering if anyone fancied a night scanning the sky near hope valley where the light pollution isnt a killer?
  2. Just updating you about the Celestron NexImage CCD Imager from crazy cameras... They shipped it within two working days and now its in the hands of DHL Got a tracking number and it left LA at 21:00 last night. Just thought id let you know SkyExplorer £40 extra from what ive saved to put towards some eyepieces now
  3. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone SGL is a real gem for newbies like me! Thankyou for all your advise given already and to anyone involved in the tutorial section Think Im going to find myself here quite alot
  4. Have a word.. he might 'think' hes helping you out if its only when your out on the garden lol. If that fails take up a new hobby and buy an air rifle and use his light for target practice
  5. Thanks for the tips guys Cant wait for it to arrive! Thanks for the spreadsheet aswel.. Think there's a steep learning curve ahead would be good to see some pictures from someones 8inch just to see what its capable on the astrophotography side of things
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone got any pictures that have been taken through a Skywatcher Explorer 200p (8") ? Mine should have been here by now but the snow seems to have ground the shop to a halt. Thanks
  7. Oh dear lol Ill let you know how long it takes to come. I can wait a week or two to save £50.. that can go towards the mod see what happens lol
  8. Is there a benefit to using B+W? A few people have mentioned about having B+W now
  9. Just spoke to Andy and sorted the long exposure Mod for the Neximage Thankyou brantuk
  10. Hi SkyExplorer, heres the link Crazy Cameras - Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager found it for £71.99 in the end. Bargin
  11. Another one if you don't mind guys.... Does anybody know how people process their nebula pictures so they come out with vivid color, for example when the nebula is a defined red and the stars around and through it are white/blue? Thanks
  12. Thankyou everyone who has posted, I have gone for the Celestron Neximage found one new for £79 so cant complain. Going to attack it with the soldering iron when it comes to get long exposure out of it cant wait to get my first shots. wish me luck
  13. Haha yeh ive noticed already I have a list of things I want already that amounts to about £700 :s lol. All good fun though thanks for that advise. The Phillips one you mentioned looks to be the best i have seen so far but i can get the Celestron NexImage Solar System CCD Imager for the same price. Which of the two would be the best? do you know if the NexImage CCD Imager has long exposure?
  14. Hi Im new to SGL so first of all hello to everyone Ive just bought a skywatcher explorer 200p 8" (eq5) as my first scope and really wanting to get into astrophotography so need some advice on which webcam or ccd imager to buy. I want to get a dslr eventually but unfortunately funds dont allow that at the minute. Thanks for reading this, any advice is welcome
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