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  1. Hello and thank you all so much for your help. I have played around with the focuser and it was moving in and out and i completely removed the adapters and looked down the scope and the image was still very blurry. I have looked down the scope and looked into the primary mirror didnt look misty but any idea of how i could demist it? Also would i need a collimator for focussing the telescope and if so what one would be best suited? Apologies for the extremely amatuer questions. Kind regards
  2. Hello, Am very new to this so apologies right from the start. I have recently just bought a skywatcher akyliner dobsonian 200p and i set it up. However the image is very blurry even when i remove all magnification and just look into the primary mirror eveything looks very blurry including the moon or nearby trees etc. I am unsure what the issue could be as i am eager to get started on my stargazing! Could someone please assist me or at the very least point me in the right direction. Kind regards
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