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  1. Yep... got about 3/4 hour in before clouds rolled over the I.O.W. Detail on Mars and awesome view of M42. Not been doing this long and Orion always takes my breath away. Wanted to wait for Saturn but doesn't look likely.
  2. Are these any good? Bought one brand new for an excellent price and am now wondering if I have done the right thing. Been collecting decent eyepieces (vixen, meade etc) and have changed its diagonal for a swan optics dialectric. Its seems well put together and the mount is really sturdy. Just want an opinion really on the scope itself.
  3. Has anyone got or used a skywatcher 7-21mm zoom eyepiece. I like the idea of them but are they any good.
  4. What are these like. They are the fatter looking ones with the twist up eyecups. A friend has a couple he wants to pass on to me.
  5. Just found this on ebay.. 290389306782 Reckon it would be any good for my son and/or travelling with?
  6. I fly to various parts of the world every few weeks and am looking at getting a small scope to take with me to pass the time in the evenings when I am not working on the boats. The sort of thing I have been looking at are the celestron c65 mini-mak. Are they any good?
  7. Just took my new scope out and even though the sky isnt black and a fair bit of glow, lovely view of Jupiter and moons. One of my nine year old sons had a look too and he is still trying to get his head round it. Jupiter with his own eye he keeps saying.
  8. We have an unheated brick lean to type jobby on the back of our house. Would it make sense to keep my scope in there to keep it cool or is just best to put it outside a half hour before I need to use it. Its an Astromaster 90. Apologies in advance for any bonehead questions that may come from me but I am still learning. Austin
  9. Clipper


    Hi all. I live over on the Isle of Wight and have finally got round to buying a scope. I was sold on the whole stargazing bit after spending an evening at a friends house using his scope. I have bought an Astromaster 90 on the eq mount as it was exrtemely good for the money and am now just building up a better collection of eyepieces to replace the stock ones. I have added a William optics star diagonal too. Used it a couple of times now and have started to find my way around the sky quite confidently now. Finding this site extremely helpful concerning kit and observational tips too. Regards.. Austin
  10. Is there any way of replacing the red dot finder on my scope for something better? I was thinking tube clamps of some kind. Has any one done the same type of mod?
  11. Just need a bit of advice on kit really. I was around at my friends looking through his scope and was sold on the whole thing after seeing various DSO's. What I have bought, some on his advice and others by reading many many reviews is this: Celestron astromaster 90 eq (I liked the look of it and it came a an excellent price) William optics star diagonal 9.7mm and 26mm meade 4000 eyepiece 12.5mm dave hinds eyepiece I want a barlow to go with it and need to know which one is best. Meade #124 or a Bresser one off Scopesnskies. Both I can get for £25ish. Before I buy anything else, I just need some advice on what works well or not with this scope. Thanks in Advance... Austin
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