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  1. I have plot 146 available for this years Star Party at Kelling heath, I'm a member of the Liverpool Astro society so you will have plenty of company in this area. I'm unable to attend. I paid £100 just want my money back. yellow-dragonfly-area.pdf
  2. I have absolutely no idea. the model number is 35508-2 maybe contact Vixen and ask them. doing a quick search i found this https://www.vixenoptics.co.uk/PDFs/User Guides/GP_GPDX_User_Guide.pdf https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/68010-setting-up-polar-scope-on-vixen-gp/ hope that helps
  3. I don't know much about this, I bought it when I just stated out thinking it would be useful. I never used it. LOL. It has no identifying marks, ecept made in China
  4. I've already posted my NEQ6 I also have other bits and pieces for sale, I'll be putting them on Ebay too. I would except intelligent offers for SGL members TS 80ED triplet only used twice, still in box New £890 £600 Starlight Express SXUFW-2T USB Filter Wheel New £289 £150 Astronomic Ha CCD filter 6Nm 2" New £421 £200 Astronomik Oiii CCD Filter 2" NEW £421 £200 Baader H Alpha 7Nm 2" NEW £168
  5. For the last 12 months been stored in doors, The bolts rusted due to condensation. I assure you the internals are fine, I've had it running a couple of times, one of the members of my astro club checked it out with me.
  6. Sorry this posting is late, but I have been preoccupied with personal stuff. The item is for sale on ebay I am selling my Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro with Synscan. I have modified it by inserting a wedge on the pivot. So it will never bend Bolts again. I have replaced the bolts with stainless steel bolts. The problem with the bent bolt situation is not the bolts but the design of the mount. It has been used outside mostly and shows signs of weather. The nickel plating on the bolts shows signs of rusting but this does not impair the operation. I had planned to replace them with
  7. In todays market what CCD is good for imageing the Sun, granted it should be a mono. Budget around £150. In a perfect world what would be ideal, no budget.
  8. Thankyu for the warm reception, nice to have you guys around. Is anyone based on the Wirral near Greasby? Rick
  9. As a full time carer to my mum 96 I'm working harder now than I did when I was employed.
  10. HI I am new to the area, Although I am orriginally from the Wirral, I've been away for many years. Now retired I've retuned home. I've been a cameraman for most of my life, but only in the last few years got involved in Astro imageing. I have a nice setup but would like to spend time with more experinced astonmers, my main interest is imageing, although I'm interested in all aspects of astronomy and the science.
  11. I am building a new observatory, I want to control my setup from a conservatory about 30 ft away. I would like to connect two computers together via a network to operate all my controlls. I am using two pre built Windows 7 OS, with a laptop for the observatory and another PC in the conservatory. How do I setup the network and is there any software that can help remotely operate the observatory. How do I do this.
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