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  1. Call of duty on PS3, Golf(every other day), also wife and kids aviodance is a nice hobby.....thats about it really, my other hobby is a personal indulgance that I really couldn't mention on here.
  2. steviestuboy

    At last ...

    You cracked that big beast oot yet?
  3. Feeling lucky, thermal undies, all this kinda talk makes me want to go give my scope a right good seeing through!
  4. I always have perfect weather using my trusty weather machine, I thought everyone had one, must just be me as i'am so rich and powerful.
  5. Look my minion's as iam so incredibly rich and powerful let me tell you a thing or two, back when I invented the telescope motors were not available so i set about inventing them as well, now the world is a happy place thanks to me. Bow down!
  6. Personally I use the halting of the earths rotation method as I'am the greatest astronomer thats ever lived, you mere mortals could learn a thing or two from me.
  7. I feel a strong disturbance in the force, some one is using bino's my young padowan!
  8. Dont buy binos if you stretch a little more you can get a small portable telescope rather than selling your soul and becoming a bino user.
  9. Thanks mate, that's another mystery solved. Thats another one i owe you! Stevie
  10. Thats great, thanks for your help, Well appreciated Stevie.
  11. Hi is there a dovetail arrangement that would let me get both my scopes onto the one mount, i own a EQ 3/2 and both my scopes are pretty small. Cheers stevie
  12. Hi again great website, I noticed a small omission, namely Mercury. Are you able to photograph Mercury or is it too difficult for you? Cheers Stevie.
  13. steviestuboy

    Hi again

    Hi kate Getting blown to pieces is a regular for me as well as i live in a valley its a nightmare. But a warm welcome from me
  14. Its not often a woman has 3 attributes, to have the usual 2 and a brain.....i salute you astrobaby you are the exception to a well proven rule.
  15. Wow those pics are amazing, with the gear i have I hope to be able to find the moon and then take it from there.
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