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  1. @Mognet I hadn't noticed the Lunar X, thank you for pointing that out! Definitely not intentional, just lucky!
  2. It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks in the life of this (very) amateur astronomer. Of course, our old sparring partner the clouds have loomed large and thick, making viewing nights few and far between, and then, when a beautiful, visibility-for-miles kind of night did come about, Herschel said a firm ‘no.’ Try as I might, I could not get the power to turn on and stay on. I tried all the tricks in my arsenal, all the high tech stuff like swearing, switching it off and on again, swearing, changing the batteries, swearing, Googling, swearing, waiting 10 minutes, and of course, swearing. I man
  3. There is something so beguiling about a full moon. An endless source of inspiration for gothic novelists everywhere, it has become synonymous with dark and mysterious happenings, and I have grown up enamoured with it’s beauty. A hazy evening provided the perfect opportunity to try to capture this sentiment. I can't wait to do some luna photography with Herschel, to really get in amongst the detail.
  4. Not at all! I'm still at the point where I do everything the scope tells me to do. Thank you so much! This will save me many hours of frustration!
  5. Really? Aw, man, thank you for that! I didn't realise that there was any other option than the three star alignment, as that's what it always asks for!
  6. I have been blessed with that rarest of astronomical phenomenons these past two weeks-clear skies on nights when I can stay awake long enough to see something! Praise be! (Normal service has now resumed, I might add. As I type a thick layer of cloud has rolled across the entirety of the sky, and seems well and truly here for an overnight stay. Ho hum.) This past Saturday was, without doubt, the clearest sky I have seen since brining Herschel home, so I was pretty excited to get all the kit out and get set up, then waited patiently for the first stars to begin a-twinkling. Which they did. And b
  7. @Stu @estwing Thank you both for the advice. As you can tell, I'm finding it all a bit confusing at the moment, but loving it all the same, so any advice is really appreciated!
  8. @ronin I was using my Celestron Astro Fi 130mm, with the 25mm eyepiece. All I did see was the central core, and it pretty much looked like a smudge on my lense (I thought it was for while, it's only when I couldn't clean it off that I realised that it wasn't!) It wasn't a great view at all, but very exciting all the same! I shall take the binoculars out next time, thanks for the tip!
  9. Just got in from making the most of a beautiful clear sky before the cloud (inevitably) rolled in. Stoked to have had my first deep sky viewings. It started with Andromeda, which has always eluded me before tonight. Although presenting as just a hazy shape through my eyepiece, (saving up for better ones as we speak) it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Up there with my first Jupiter viewing for excitement levels, even though the results were less instant, probably less impressive in the traditional sense, and it took quite a bit of eyepiece changing, twisting of focus knobs and t
  10. I really love astronomy. I love nothing more than getting Herschel out and gazing at the universe until the wee small hours of the morning. Unfortunately, this is not helpful for maintaining a non-zombie like state during the daytime, which in turn leads to some tricky situations at work. This, combined with shockingly poor impulse control means that I have to implement a strict ‘no summer astronomy on a work night’ rule. This stands until the nights start closing in, or I can find a viable nocturnal job. Whichever comes first. Suggestions welcomed. So this rule really blows when the past 3 we
  11. This Friday just gone, I hitched up my (entirely metaphorical) breeches and went to my first ever astronomy social meeting. Believe me, my very anxious brain tried every excuse in the book to talk me out of it, not limited to poor weather, Friday night fatigue and post meal bloat leaving me looking like a blimp, because a room full of new people is enough to render me a quivering wreck. I am not god at social stuff. I am very awkward, and really rather weird. People don’t tend to like me much on the first meeting. Or the second. Sometimes even the third. But after that, I normally chill the he
  12. @AbeSapien Thank you! I think my experiences are similar to a lot of fledgling astronomers!
  13. A couple of years ago, fed up with the daily grind and the men in our life (a frequent complaint, if I’m honest), my mum and I embarked on a girl’s trip. First, and anyone who has done this will know, came the trials and tribulations of choosing a destination. I am a bit of a space case, in that flying gives me the willies, and I will literally do anything to get out of it (truly, I once took a 9.5 hour bus journey at twice the cost to avoid a 1.5 hour flight), but thankfully, my mum loves nothing more than a cruise, so that was an easy issue to resolve. But where would we be chugging off to o
  14. I totally agree! Even for the short time that I've been astronomising (definitely made that word up!) cloudy skies has taught me the virtue of patience. It's a nice way to look at it @Pig and @Littleguy80, that it's even more special when a clear night comes along.
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