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  1. Yeas Ill try that, thanks for the idea!
  2. Thanks! Thats exactly what it is and how I get around it. That's great news to hear because I was on the verge of buying a new one. Thanks a lot for your responses
  3. Hi and thanks, Yes I have checked all the adjustment knobs and locks are tight. It is a second hand mount and the previous owner actually wanted to sell it instead for a Dob and I fear he was using this mount in the same manner. Slewing the mount around with the locks on and possibly causing slight damage. I noticed it most when I'm tracking an object to be photographed. The first image can have trails where this lag occurs and then on the frames afterwards there is no trailing because the mount has "caught up". It's not a crippling fault as it tracks fine once its past the dead zone
  4. Hi guys, This is my first post in here and apologies if someone has asked this question already but I have searched the forum for this answer and couldn't find one. So the problem I have with my mount is that there is a few seconds lag (1-2 seconds) to control input on both RA and DEC axis when I switch the control input to the opposite direction. It happens when I use both the Skywatcher Dual Axis Motor drive kit or even the manual precise controls. There is a slight "give" in the mount when I move it by hand from side to side. It just seems sloppy, like there's too much room betwee
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