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  1. Just booked Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd off work so count me in :-)
  2. I have two up and running on the bench, just have to find a way of attaching them on the scopes. I am looking at attaching the TS 80 triplet one on the dovetail and the MN190 one on the finder stalk. Thank you Dave great project.
  3. Really cool Thanks Paul this is just what I was looking for will give it a try. I currently use WiFi Scope software (by Main Sequence http://www.mainsequencesoftware.com/Products/WiFiScope) on the PC with the iPad but it keeps locking up, this looks like the way forward.
  4. Managed twenty minutes out with new replacement 15x70's this evening, superb views of the moon, Jupiter and Orion and just generally looking around using the tripod. Had to close up the tripod and use it as a monopod to capture M45 a breath taking view even been batted by the wind. I can not wait for a moonless still night, we'll I can dream:-) I have to say these are excellent for a budget pair of binoculars even more so in the sale at £45, would love to look through a pair of Helios Appolo 15x70's. Birthdays only a few months away so you never know.
  5. Courier arrived with replacement binoculars and swapped out on Wednesday morning. Only been able to test on terrestrial views due to weather but nice bright and sharp images. Excellent service from Telescope House. Looking forward to some clear nights, well I'm an optimist at heart:-)
  6. Spoke to Kerin at Telescope House this morning very helpful, he is sending a replacement pair to be swapped out should be here Wed/ Thursday. Will update when they arrive, I can see them getting a lot of use. Having spent half hour this evening setting up the scope only to cloud over and fog after fifteen minutes, the forecast was clear all night:-(
  7. II managed a quick glimpse of the moon last night and Jupiter as it was getting dark but quickly clouded over followed by rain. I was hoping to catch the Pleiades, Orion and a general sweep of the skies but it was not to be. What bit I did catch showed a lot of promise and I am sure I will become a binocular convert once they are sorted. Sometimes I just don’t feel like spending a half hour or more setting my scope up only to be greeted half hour later by clouds to put it all away again. Took just a few seconds to put the binoculars on the tripod and I was out under the sky all be it very brie
  8. Just received my Revelation 15x70 binoculars fantastic service for delivery, ordered at midday received an email at 3:30 to say dispatched and arrived at 8:30 this morning. However I think there is a problem with them on testing hand held and on the tripod. Most of the view is nice bright and sharp but the lower right seems just out of focus and almost like viewing with an obstruction in the way. About a ¼ of the bottom right view arcs across out of focus and is really distracting. I have had a look down the lenses but cannot see anything obvious. Telescope House is shut till Monday for AstroF
  9. Just placed an order for the Revalation 15 x 70's and the heavy duty L bracket at lunch time today, had an email to say dispatched at 3:30 this afternoon. Great service and 10% discount with the Astrofest code. Nothing but cloud and rain last few days hope it brightens up.
  10. Great show Ken, managed to catch you on NSN, nice screen shots. You certainly bring out the best of this brilliant video cam, keep them coming. Steve
  11. Make that Jupiter not Venus, well my fingers are not quite in sync with the old brain after the night beforeJ
  12. Woke up to clear skies at 6 am and decided to take the grab and go scope and tripod outside for a quick half hour. Treated to a beautiful view of Mars, Saturn and Venus. Went back to bed with a cup of coffee and watched two live views on the NSN broadcast. Now that’s the way to start the New Year. Happy New Year everyone. All the best Steve
  13. Super images Chris, such short subs in Ha shows just how good this must have video cam really is. Great work sorry I missed the session on NSN.
  14. Can only echo what others have said, awe-inspiring fantastic widefield image well worth the time and effort.
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