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  1. Splitting Izar is weather dependent. On good nights I can do it at 133x with an 8" Dobsonian. I tried it the other night and I had to use about 192x to get a clean split.
  2. You will have to travel to very dark skies and probably use a filter
  3. Rigel B is a very easy split, at about 130x in a 8" dobs. Trapezium E and F are reasonable at 130x, but need very steady seeing. Sirius B needs magnification (180x-220x) and experience to overcome the massive glare caused by Sirius. Sirius B is also very tiny, which was causing me problems, when I was trying to see it. 5 nights of trying and I found it. I was surprised how small it actually was.
  4. Tonight I also managed to see 46p with naked eye averted vision. A faint, but clear blob was in my peripheral vision, whilst directly looking at Haedus ii.
  5. Price: £110 Optical lense condition: No damage or scratches. Performs as designed. Barrel condition: Used. Some scuff marks and a ding in the screw thread (see photos). The eyepiece fits into focuser tubes as normal, but the ding prevents eyepiece filters from screwing on. So, if the eyepiece is to be used with eyepiece filters, then please do not purchase this eyepiece.
  6. Neil, a very informative post ? I would also like to add that the more observing one does, the more one's eyes learn and are able to detect. This means one can see more detail in objects that one has previously observed and in general fainter and fainter object viewings become possible.
  7. You'd have to consult the official website, as I don't have the plus version.
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