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  1. Hi, i have the coronado pst and a simple planetery zoom the zoom is good but i would also like to have a normal eyepiece with relatieve hige/ medium mag to my collection.  Now the interesting question:  will a relatieve “ good “ eyepiece such as the ES 8.8 82 degree or the pentax XF 8.5 mm would  Really improve the fews then when i use the zoom at the same settings? ( i ASK this at another site but with strange answers so i think the people there “ dond know”.i also ASK this becource i beginning like the fews at 9mm to 7.2 mm setting  more and more becource The Sun is then “comforteble  big” but  ofthen the fews are blurry also in fairly good seeing i think, so i wonder if one of the eyepiece i suggest will improve the fews of the zoom setting?   thanks for the tip!!

  2. So, can anyone tell me now witch is the best 60 mm scope ; solarmax 2 60 =  lunt tilt tune 60 - or the lunt pressure tuned etalon 60?  ( or is this still a “ personal” question? Will Some have regrets if they go for a lunt, while others if they go for the solarmax 2? Or are they all good?)  its only for visual thanks! Sorry for this difficult question (?)

  3. The PST vs lunt 50 thing: when i went to a store to see the lunt 50 and the pst , i found  the pst looks pretty good and light weight , then i looked to the lunt the lunt looked like a tank, bigger and Well build with nice red and white accents .I though o my good....( the lunt blind my eye for a moment with iTS PT etalon) god thanks the pst was also looking good and with iTS built in solar finder. I was going with the pst becource i ask  mr s ramsden  a few days befor witch of the two is best for the money ( espesially in holland) he say: "i prefer the fews through the pst." i have it and i think at this moment to save money for the stack. Instead go messing my mind with Aperture and other things.....or not? Thanks! ( other wise i maby had save for the scope witch had blind my eyes first who knows.....) let my say one more thing aboud this, that MABY even the fews  Through both scopes are verry  different and that some prefer the lunt others the pst and so on........

  4. Hi, i have the coronado pst solartelescope i have order  the coronado AZS  lightweight mount. But when i discover this mount, i thought "Ups". Maby i had to buy this one instead.If  the coronado mount not impress me , maby its worth to upgrade to the AZ pronto ?  Thanks!!  ( my feelings say that the pronto is at last more comfortable to use, becource there is more space arround to do tracking and the cables are maby also a bit longer- it also have that extra tube to make the tripod higher witch the AZS dond have... I Will see....)

  5. I think you  are right. I have a cheep foto tripod it hold it ( the pst is not so heavy ) but when there is a little wind, it Will make the tripod ( and head) shake witch is verry frustrating . And maby a slowmortion control or a electonic move control would be also  welcome ! (?)

  6. Quote

    Hi, does this camera works Well  with an ipad and the coronado PST solar scope?  Can the camera also show the  so called " surface grandulation"  sun spots and filaments? Thanks!! ( ofcource i know its not a dsrl camera but for the simplicity) and merry Christmas .


  7. Hi, i need a decent mount for the coronado pst solarscope. The scope is small and relatieve light ( about 2kg)  does the fine adustments works good to keep the sun centered for a while? Is this mount easy to set up? ( sorry if someone find it a " stupid" question but i just like to know for sure .) thanks!

  8. On 26 augustus 2009 at 22:24, tinvek said:

    agree with the above, the AZ3 is actually a good mount trying to get out from a slightly poor mount as delivered.

    i've my c80 ed on one and as long as you have a slightly weight forward balance (either through scope position or a counterweight) its steady and holds its position.

    one thing to watch for is that you dont run out of fine adjustment, get in the habit of winding back (especially the azimuth) after you've been tracking an object before you go to the next or you'll find yourself running out of fine adjustment at some point.


  9. Hi, may i say a last thing to share with you: i discover that almost every thing that has to do with solarscopes is addicting: The small scopes, the big scopes, the medium scopes, the pressure tuners, tilt tuners , double stack filters  even the handy build in sol Finder of the pst is sometimes adicting.- i think i will end up with the double stack becource i Will just want to see more surface detail, the biggest " coin" of the pst is i think the small blocking filter, but its Okey.i hope that the double stack is still bright enough ( i  hope about 60 percent of THE brightness of the singlestack, thus 40 percent less bright )  i have heard that it also Will make the space arround the disk darker witch i hope it Will let the sun looks better execpt the promences. Thanks! 

  10. Hi, i have a PST for aboud nine months. A nice small scope!  It give nice contrastly and clear fews and decent manification for it size. I looking forward  to double stack the thing.  Do someone who have the double stack can sure me if it is worth? Can you see also the so called  " surface grandulation" better when stacked?  Will  i not Be dissepoitnted ? ( can you see full disk?  Will the fews not to dark?).  Thanks!  ( i know it add also a 3D effect. Witch is a nice bonus if the stack works Okey  at last)

  11. On 10 januari 2013 at 23:07, Stardust said:

    HAs anyone tried a double stacked pst against a Solarmax II 60 single?

    My DS PST is very good but I'm not so keen on the sweet spot.

    I was wondering if it's worth upgrading to the SM60 scope


    On 10 januari 2013 at 23:07, Stardust said:

    HAs anyone tried a double stacked pst against a Solarmax II 60 single?

    My DS PST is very good but I'm not so keen on the sweet spot.

    I was wondering if it's worth upgrading to the SM60 scope

    Hi, does the solarmax double stack REALLY works fine on the PST for visually use? I know that the fews are dimmer as the proms, (i think THE sun should be still bright anough and the stronger contrast you even be able to zoom in more) BUT i heard someting about a small sweetspot when you add the second filter..... So becource of this i am a bit Affrait to add the stack later. Thanks!

  12. Tanks john! I Will go for this one. A salesman in belgum use also a " no brand " planetery zoom with also 40-53 degree with the same scope. The skywatcher version  has a little wider: 40-60 degree. But i think i Will go for the first one.  ( i hope in the feature they make also a special " alpha-H zoom" that wold be great!)

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  13. Hi, i want to buy a lunt/ lunt close zoom eyepiece. But i love to few at the 21.5 mm settings first for fast full disk few with the PST and then zoom in. But are these zooms not so good in the lower settings?? If not i skip it and go for the baader mark 4 zoom or the pentax XF but these Will cost me more...     Thanks!!

  14. Hi, Will the planetery zoom 7.2-21.5 lunt clones also works Well in the 21.5-14 mm range? I love to view the sun in lower power first. Thanks annyways for all the advice. I think now that all these are good for the pst. I Will choose one of those three; planetery lunt clone- pentax FX  or the baader mark 8-24 mm.

  15. Hi i believe now that the pentax XF zoom is great for altha-H. for a 60 mm alpha-H scope But the pst has only 40 mm Aperture so, i wonder if iTS also works Well in the 6.5- 9.8 mm range? If so, then iTS a must have. Other wise a 11 mm televue and a 25 mm Sirius super plossl ( for fast full disk) is maby a better  choice.....?  Thanks ! Witch you prefer for THE PST ofcource?

  16. Hi, i have a PST . And have three eyepiece/zoom on my mind: the lunt clone zoom planetery (€138) - televue 11 & 15 mm plossl eyepiece (€190)  or the pentax XF 19.5-6.5 zoom (€319 - WEX dond ship to holland)  ( i think (?) that you Will loss a lot sharpness  if you zoom all the way in -the pst has only 40 mm apenture - and i have heard that the lunt zoom/ clone are not so good in the low power range....? ..) witch one of these 3 you prefer for the PST? Thanks !!        

  17. Update. Try to adjust the tuning wheel slightly to the left or right, while you put the scope in the right position and at the right momend and a bit pations.( maby the position of the sun, seeing eye get used to the wavelenght play also a role but dont know for sure) Good luck to recieve full disk!  André from holland.

  18. Hi i had use my PST a few times and i notice that it is ofthen (?) diffucult  to few all the features without to have move the trypod all the time ( full disk fewing. If i see a filement to the left , move the trypod, then  a prom at the right is gone. And so on. So, is this normal fenomen for the PST?  Or has it to to with someting? What do you think? I want to do full disk ( sometimes if allow) without to move the trypod here and there. Thanks for the tip/ sugesstions!!  ( i hope also not have to think to buy a other, bigger scope...i just buy the pst and manny people love it)

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