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  1. Hi, i think a while about  it and will go with the SM 2 60 10 BF . IT cost only €500 more then the 40 mm double stack now!.... no penta prism system anymore = witch can damage the resolution. Sharper image if i zoom in with my 8=24 mm zoom...  if the ITF BF get rusting  its more simple to replace. So, i think its   worth the upgrade! ( the new darker color of the scope is becource they add an extra layer for better Protection )







  2. Hi, i have the pst for over a year and i  want to upgrade to improve my solar experiens. The first  thing on my mind is the 40 mm double stack , becource i allready have a scope . But i can also save for the SM 60 11  with 10 mm BF. And  Sell or give away my pst. I hope someone can help me to make the best choice becource  solarviewing is still not cheep in EU. I do only visual. (the double stack is now € 750  in EU and the SM 11 60  10 mm BF  scope about €1250 in Some stores and i most maby also buy a better Tripod if i go for this scope but if iT is worth.......

    Thanks!     especially for those who have all and can judge this better...







  3. So, iT depends on whether you are gonne find " litlle better" worth the extra money?  And for what you gonne use iT for?Then I will think about iT or stick with my decent China seben zoom.( maby if you want best of the best =even slightly- maby iT can be worth.....its still tempting.) however, these chinese products gonne rule the word if they do become  better and better and cheeper.

  4. Hi, i buy the seben zoom for an Alpha- h scope. Its a good eyepiece, but not great. ( i think)  Maby i will buy one more zoom such as the vixen 8-24 or the pentax xf 19.5=6.5  both has lanthanium glass so i aspect they are noticeble better. the big question is , if lanthanium glass really do make you see details better....??? i am still  not convinced enough!

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hi, i like to know if the SM 40 is worth for the PST and i also like to know what the highest usefull manification is when stacked . ( i dond care about the proms mutch as i can use the single for that- ofcource the SM 60 solartelescope  is  better,  but that will cost me too mutch and i like the portabillity of the pst) thanks!!











  6. I think i go for the seben super zoom 8-24 mm for my PST.(  €61 plus FREE shipping) i have heard somewere that its mutch better then the lunt zoom. I dond believe that, but i think its decent enough for me.......(?) if the zoom dissepoint me then i will go for a APM 10 mm short eyepiece with a bigger eye relief then the plossls. Thanks.

  7. hi , i realize now that iT would be not really nesseserry to upgrade if do only visual. Onless you want use a binoviewer and imaging. I think i also find the right 2 new eyepieces now for the PST: 11mm TV plossl and a  20 mm vixen NPL .becource my zoom got broken and the eyepieces open a new world: they are more fun and relax to look through and the fews are never too dimm. The only real advange of the zoom was to zoom closer in at the prommences .....but it get broken.



  8. I think i go for the 11mm TV plossl and ( i skip the 15mm i dond love the size of the sun)  and an 20mm skywatcher plossl for to beginning with “ relax viewing”. My zoom get broken = mayby i buy one NExt year ( €79)  togheter with a double stack sm 40. I go eyepiece now = there is no hurry -and they got not  broken fast. They are also light weight and i think they maby also slightly more fun to look through.

  9. Hi, my orbinar zoom got broken today. I think that dust comes inside the zoom and while zoom in someting get wrong( i think). should i buy one again for my PST solar telescope or should i save Some money for the better build pentax XF 6.5=19.5 zoom? Thanks!!

  10. Hi, this what i belive ( a self anwser) : a upgrade to a pentax FX zoom is not really nessessery this zoom is also heavyer then my previous zoom and mutch expensive (€319 vs €54) The double stack would works just fine up to 12mm, the fews would be dimmer, but still decent brightness enough with higher contrast, so that you can see more and sharper details. The 3D effect should be cool. The downside is that iT need more work to adjust/tune, then single stack. “ that is what i think”.

  11. Looks like the double stack is really worth if you OWN a pst. My guess that a 12 mm eyepiece should works just fine with the 40mm stack. That alone will be make the double stack a “ welcome kit”?  Ooh yea i forget the 3D effect.i think it will be cool for the first time fewing. I am beginning to save....and hope that i will love the double stack as i love the single stack for what it is. Thanks!

  12. Update. Today at 8.00 u in the morning i tested the zoom again. This time i saw  2 Middle size proms at 21.5 mm so i take a try to zoom al the way in to 7.2mm. Now i found the fews “ good enough” !   For brightness 6.5 pointes  for the prommences 6.8 pointes.withoud have to use the focus! Not bad and decent enough for me. ( at 7.2mm!) sometimes the “seeing” is playing a bit with me i guess. This is i think i my concution now. A cheep but decent zoom works verry well for the PST. Zoom in en out to the proms if the seeing allow. For surfice detail the zoom will do iT from 21.5 up to 11 i think. ( maby exception for verry good seeing and activity of the sun) i think the 11 mm TV is nice, but iT cant zoom at the proms -witch is a strong point of the PST =and the fews of surface detail would be mutch better either i think. The only thing thats on my mind now is if the pentax XF 6.5 = 19.5mm ZOOM EYEPIECE  would be noticable better then the lunt zoom clones and cheeper seben zooms? Thanks! ( if not still happy with the zoom= now my ideas of a double stack upgrade comes together in the right direction: 1.0 A for proms and 0.5A for surface detail..and up to 12 mm should maby also here be enough mag for the double stack pst...) what do you think of all this?

  13. Hi, l love do do Some “ close up” prommences fews with the pst! Its verry cool to zoom ( €50 zoom) in as close to the proms then you can also see better detail of the proms But, the last times i notice when i zoom in between 9mm up to 7.2mm the proms get pritty blurry.( also in fairly good seeings). Is there a single eyepiece witch can improve the fews , especially for close up prommences  fews for the PST. ( or most i somehow deal with it or go for a bigger apenture? Witch also can be strange becource the PST in theorie can use up to 80X usefull magnification, especially for the proms:::::? ). Thanks for your tip! ( i know that for surfice detail up to 12 or 11mm is good enough for me)

  14. Update. I think i will stick with the zoom. I belive that there is no eyepiece there wich can improve the zoom at higher powers. The best thing to do is i think, to have pations at better seeings ,  buy a scope with bigger apeture or just LERN how to deal with it.( you can let your eyes get used to the less sharp fews, do smome thing with the movement of your eye with the zoom and so on. So that you  sill get a decend fews of the proms at higher powers.)

  15. Hi, i find a vixen LVW 8 mm in Holland .maby i go for that eyepiece espacially for close up prommences views in good situations? Of courc i already have a desent zoom, but i want to close my eyepiece colection with this one.the only downside maby is that this eyepiece is a little big and heavy....compere the the other ones. Thanks!

  16. Thanks! I have a feeling that maby  the pentax XF is better for astronomics, and the vixen a bit better for solar(?) thanks! but the XF is small and light thats why i was curious also, i thought that iT was the brother of the PENTAX XF 6.5-19.5 zoom witch seem a Great “eyepiece” for solar. And i was also intent to use the eyepiece especially for “close up” views for the prommences in better seeings and  the 12mm Plössl  and 17 mm Plössl for surfice detail and grandulation. That was the plan. but iT seems that strange enough not mutch people use / have the XF for solar?? Thanks! ( i have PST)

  17. You are all right that a 11 mm will be enough decent power for surfce detail in fairly good seeing . In medium seeing 15=18mm (?). however, for prommences when they have a relatieve big and interesting shape ( and show enough contrast) in this situation i discover thats its verry rewarding to ZOOM IN  arroud  8.5 mm and sometimes even brutally up to 7.2mm. And this is why i was thinking  that i can close my eyepiece collection with 12 and 17 mm for surfice detail ( and proms) and a lets say a 8.5 mm pentax XF 60 degree for the “closer up” proms. Then i have a decent cheep zoom  and the lighter weight eyepieces to my colection.  Thats why  i ASK if the pentax xF 8.5 mm is worth to close my eyepiece colection = especially if the fews ( prommences) through the XF 8.5 pentax would be noticeble better then the 60 dollar lunt clone zoom at the same setting!? Thanks again !

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