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  1. It really is surprising, but that said it is really good to see that the quality particularly in the mid range has given good equipment at a moderate budget. It's helping me to get back into astronomy without my wife giving me a hard time like she did before.
  2. You are so right Kelner's at that time were top of of the tree and you could forget about imaging unless you had a very healthy bank account. Oh what a joy it has become.
  3. I love your optimism, but I am a bit old too give it a 20 year wait. I have just returned to astronomy after 20+ years without a telescope, and it's amazing how much things have changed. Equipment that would be completely out of reach are now considered everyday items. Thanks again. Jim
  4. That sums up my journey beautifully Alfian.
  5. Thanks gentlemen, as I read your comments I am learning about what to consider when buying a new eyepiece and above all else how much learning I must do. If it had not been for you and others on this site who have helped in the past few months I would have made some really bad decisions. Thank's to all. Jim
  6. I can see the need for the 15mm, ooh dear, I fear wallet emptying very quickly.
  7. Just had a look at Astronomy Tools, it looks like just what I need.
  8. For the time being I think the 12mm will do the job at that end of things and so as you advise I am going to look at the 24mm to 35mm range. I picked up an eyepiece projection unit a while back, have yet to try it, Have you had any experience in this area? Jim
  9. I am definitely going to follow your's and Ben the Ignorant'so advice. It really has helped me, particularly as you have the same scope and obviously much more experience. I would be grateful if you could pass on any other comments and experiences about the ST 102. Best regards Jim
  10. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I am definitely going to scoure the second hand market. I doubt I'll ever be able to afford a Panoptic, but I should be able to get something. Can't wait to try out the 12mm Vixen, according to Dark Sky's Sunday looks like being the best day for weeks. Thank again Jim
  11. Ben the Ignorant, thanks for your advice it really is a reality check and has helped me formulate my way forward. When I first got interested in astronomy in the 1970s Plössl's were the bee's knees and people who had them were considered as serious astronomers. Thanks again Jim
  12. Hi Moonshane, Thanks for the help, I think I am coming to the realisation that a good high quality eyepiece in the 25 - 35mm with a nice wide field would be the best way forward. Thanks again Jim
  13. Yes, but I'm not used this sort of luxury.
  14. I looked on FLO for info on Vixen and while I was looking l saw saw they had an offer for a Vixen 12mm SLV, so I bought it, should arrive tomorrow. Now I still have the problem with the one for my birthday. Jim
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