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  1. Dear All, I have recently had my first stargazing session a couple of weeks back. Although I shared about it in another thread however I have written an article about it. I have planned to record all my sessions through my articles given that it would keep my passion for writing alive and also enable me in properly recording my sessions before the details of which get faded away in my memory. Please feel free to read, comment and share further f you like. Happy reading... qmsidd.wordpress.com/2017/08/21/the-question-of-a-question/ Regards, Sidd
  2. Plus I am writing a detailed article about my recent stargazing sessions will try to share it here somewhere once published.
  3. Thanks for the answers. They sure resolve my queries as I gain more knowledge. thanks a lot sir !
  4. Dear Dave, thanks a lot for the information and the links. I shall surely make use of them !!!
  5. It sure does. Spotting is easy and getting familiar with the sky is fast and one learns sequentially and as you said it will help me once I get a scope !
  6. Oh yes sir the bug has bitten With my interest in physics and philosophy, astronomy was only the missing link Thanks a lot
  7. Hello everyone, It has been a while since I posted here. I was waiting for my telescope but unfortunately my friend could not bring it along from UK Anyway since that happened I decided to continue my search for a telescope and in the meanwhile I decided to get myself a nice binocular and carry on until I get hold of a good scope. Perhaps, I could continue with a bino for some time and gain experience and then if the passion doesn't die I can get a scope. Anyway, I went to a hill station where my father-in-law has a couple of flats (at a height of 6,000 feet) and so they spend every summer there. I usually go for a few nights with my wife and kids for vacation and then come back. I had noticed in previous years that the sky is a delight in the balcony of that flat if clear. However, in those days I looked up at the stars and well that was that. So this year I wasn't able to wait to go there and observe it rather than seeing it like before. It mostly rained however I had two clear nights to myself and I cant tell you how lucky I was in those two nights. I enjoyed myself a lot and learnt and also thought quite a lot. I also have a couple of questions from my first night that I would like to ask in order to ascertain my understanding. Anyway, during the first night I did not have the binocular that my father-in-law has as I had forgotten about it. So I just went there and saw things and tried to make sense out of them. I knew it was a pre-night to the Perseid peak but I had no idea that I will see the shower with my naked eye and that it would be that much. I saw the shower with my boy in my lap who would point out at every flash with excitement. However, there are my questions: 1. I saw the shower where different (shooting stars) kept coming. they were like little balls of fire having a head a trail of light following them. But then I also saw something else during the same time and it happened more than the shower. I saw little flashes of light in the sky. One after the other and there were about a dozen of them coming from the same part of the sky more or less. Those were like little tiny dots of lights igniting at a spot and then going out in a second or less. However, they did not have any trail or streak in the sky they were like little spots that would shine in a spot and then go out. what were those ??? 2. I also spotted a satellite that was a very bright and moving very fast. However, some website suggested that it was the ISS. How does one differentiate between a satellite and the ISS ? How to know what you are beholding ??? It was during the next night that I remembered the binoculars. When I got them from him those were a 12x25 not that good but not bad either. So I gazed at the moon and enjoyed its majestic beauty. Seeing the moon not as a disk and as a spherical object with your own eyes have n effect on you ... it was just lovely. Then I also spotted the Cassiopeia and observed it for some time. And then in the end the last thing was the seven sisters in the Pleiades and that was mesmerising. the distinctive question mark in the sky that made me think and contemplate on many things including, on a lighter note, the fact that I observed the sky and had questions in my mind but the sky responded with a question mark telling me that there is more that there are things even they don't know of I shall be writing an article about it soon. cheers, Sidd
  8. One last thing on accessories. Since I'm new so I have no idea. Would any given Cheshire and any given Barlow or filter etc fit on the skywatcher heritage 130 ??? Do we have to get specific accessories or are the eye pieces and cheshires etc made of a generic diameter that fits all telescopes ???
  9. Thanks for the response. I shall ask him to get me a Cheshire then. You are right Barlow isn't a big thing and I might be able to locate it locally or get it ordered online later on thanks mate ! beaides, I'm going for the DSO observation and not really interested in planets as such. Regards
  10. So you suggest I get a Cheshire cullimator withh it too or would I be able to do it without tools when the need be ? Also if I would need a 2x Barlow with it ? I just don't want to ask for too many things from my friend so just wondering if I should ask for these now or maybe get a hand of the scope first and then worry about other accessories please suggest.
  11. My Dear Ricochet, Thank you for your prompt response. My query or confusion for that matter is resolved and I shall get the heritage for sure. I shall dig out a bit on focal lengths and ratios out of personal interest later on but my decision has matured. Yes you are right about transportation too. I do not want to pain my old lad who has been a sport in bringing me my favourite pipe tobaccos on every visit so I can't bother him and risk discontinuation of my otherwise regular supply he even brought me a snooker cue once and had a bit of a trouble in hand carrying it. Imagine a Pakistani traveling on a plane carrying a large circular tube I'm glad it was a pre 9/11 thingie Anyway I shall be confirming my order to him today. Besides this is the only grab and go scope that is of high quality like a parabolic mirror etc and would suit me best as I plan to use it from three locations. I shall think about the shroud and tripod later on. Kind regards, Sidd
  12. Someone told me just yesterday that reflectors in the 500-600 focal length cant dive deep enough and hence focal lengths in the 900-1000 range should be purchased. Is this correct because the scope I am trying to get falls near the 650 range... please suggest !
  13. One more thing. Te guy on that forum explains culmination of this scope. There are adjustment knobs on the outside of the primary and on the inside of the primary there is a dot in the center. He explains he did his alignment simply by looking through the eyepiece and aligning both dots - primary through secondary- by the adjustment knobs. That is so simple no Cheshire etc required. Is this true or is it that when the problems start when the secondary goes out. Is that so? If yes, culmination seems easy on this scope.
  14. Thanks guys. After going through the detailed thread you notified I'm certain that this is he scope for me. I shall have experience with it with the supplied eye pieces and the dobs mount and then progress towards the mount or shroud modifications I find I feel like that. Seems like I'm in for some long hours of observation can't really wait now !!!
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