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  1. One more thing. Te guy on that forum explains culmination of this scope. There are adjustment knobs on the outside of the primary and on the inside of the primary there is a dot in the center. He explains he did his alignment simply by looking through the eyepiece and aligning both dots - primary through secondary- by the adjustment knobs. That is so simple no Cheshire etc required. Is this true or is it that when the problems start when the secondary goes out. Is that so? If yes, culmination seems easy on this scope.
  2. Thanks guys. After going through the detailed thread you notified I'm certain that this is he scope for me. I shall have experience with it with the supplied eye pieces and the dobs mount and then progress towards the mount or shroud modifications I find I feel like that. Seems like I'm in for some long hours of observation can't really wait now !!!
  3. Ok guys thanks a million for all the assistance. One more thing has cropped up. Kindly advice. Some people are saying that the heritage tube is flex and therefore the secondary mirror is exposed to light and hence the scope won't work great unless used in a very dark environment otherwise a dark black sheet has to be used to cover the exposed secondary mirror for good results. How far is this true. Please let me know as I have made up my mind for this scope and I think for me the dobs mount would do just fine. If it didn't I shall get a camera tripod and try to find the clamp for it. Somebody was suggesting skywatcher explorer 130 but it doesn't have high reviews.
  4. Please help me with this. Does a normal camera tripod fit on to the SH100p ? If yes, then those are available here like for cameras .. but what about the mount? I don't think the cameras have such mounts and even if they do what about the clamp in which the scope will fit.... If this can be done locally I would really be a happy man.
  5. I am still thinking. I might as well not order anything for collimation. The cap can be easily made at home and the rest of the procedure can be carried out. Yes it will take experience and time to fully grasp it but it can be done DIY. My friend would take it on the plane with him somehow I hope.
  6. Thanks... I have decided on the SH130p for sure now Cheers
  7. By the way, does anyone know the price of Heritage 130p and also the name /location of a shop that sells it around London. My friend's office is in South London so I believe he'd be getting it from within London.
  8. Indeed Erla, this is an advantage for me. You know why? Because I don't think that I will be able to get another scope for another few years or so. It depends, if I am as passionate about astronomy in a few years from now as I am today, I might, if not, well then this might be my only scope you see. So I am sure now that this is the one I am getting thanks a lot for your help.
  9. OK got it... thanks for the kind advice. I have finalised my decision... Its going to be the Heritage 130p on a desktop Dob. All I need to do extra would be to find a table or two lying around
  10. My Dear John, Thanks a lot for sharing this article- the review by Neil. Wow! Its detailed and contains a link to another review by his colleague. Read both and after reading Neil's I have been able to nail down my choice. Its going to be a Skywatcher Heritage 130p and that is it.... I do not want to confuse myself anymore now. This is what I am getting. The review is detailed and absolutely and fascinatingly remarkable and in depth. That review has made me make up my mind for good ! The only thing now is the bloody waiting period that I have to deal with 4-5 weeks to go... thanks a lot for the useful info sir. Appreciated ! Just one thing though, should I get other lenses or culmination accessories right away or is it being too greedy for the moment ???
  11. Got it.. I am reading a review of the Dobs-Heritage130p and am finding myself in love with it. I might go for the stable desktop Dob ... I don't plan to stargaze from a garden etc Ill do it from my roof, a hill station apartment and a village house and all locations must have a table So I shall be good !
  12. I understand and am ok with the detailing on the 5 inches scope. I have to adjust with that given that that is what I can get within my budget so I can live with 5" happily. So you are saying that a good EQ mount is the one made for around 200 pounds and hence the budget scopes under 200 pounds with EQ would actually have crapy EQs.
  13. Thank you so much ... I read the article you linked. Very informative and educating. I cant get an 8 inches scope my highest aperture would be 5 or 5.1 inches i.e. 130mm because I need portability as well. But this thread is helping me nail myself down to the one I d be buying finally.