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  1. skywatcher 127 mak

  2. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Adding my first successful(?!?!?!) try with astrophotography. From super light polluted Athens/Greece, I present you M31. I took this on September 2017 Only 6 lights @21 seconds, with 1600 iso. Meaning a total of 2 minutes. Telescope : skywatcher 130 pds mount: skywatcher synscan goto camera: canon 1100d (un-modded) DSS was used for stacking and cs6 for streching
  3. skywatcher 127 mak

    Hello there! If someone has a 127 mak, in great condition (and reasonable price), that doesn't use/want anymore, (and he's/she's willing to post to Europe, at buyer's cost) can surely drop me a message! thanks!!!
  4. cls clip filter for canon

    Just pushing this add up
  5. cls clip filter for canon

    Still active, in case someone's selling
  6. COMPLETED - Neodymium Filter

    @teoria_del_big_bang Hey Steve, is this what you're looking for? http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=132798
  7. cls clip filter for canon

    @newbie alert Anytime mate. We need to be very careful when selecting such products, since there are many variants, and all of them are rather pricey
  8. cls clip filter for canon

    @newbie_alert They say that is the CCD, model because it actually matters. You can have a look at this thread, that explains it greatly:
  9. cls clip filter for canon

    Thanks for the link mate, but unfortunately I ain't looking for a ccd version
  10. cls clip filter for canon

    Yes, sure, l'll get back to you ASAP
  11. cls clip filter for canon

    Hey tooth_dr, the offer depends on the brand (astronomik or skytech) and of course the condition of the product. Could you please pm me some more details (brand, condition, price), or post here?
  12. cls clip filter for canon

    I am looking for CLS clip filters, for EOS Canon dslr, in a logical price, either from Astronomik or from Skytech. Just pointing out, that I am looking for the plain CLS, not the CCD one, and not for the full frame canon. If anyone doesn't need it anymore, and is willing to sell, please let me know
  13. CLS or CLS CCD for unmodified 500d

    So LightBucket, If I understand correctly, your take is that whether or not you have a modded dslr the logical choice is the cls version, and not the ccd one. Right?I am trying to get this straight, since I am too, looking for a filter
  14. CLS or CLS CCD for unmodified 500d

    I recently run into this article, since myself is looking for a cls filter, but more affordable for my economics, than the ones from Astronomik. skytech canon-astrophotography-filters the author concluded that ccd makes more sense for modified dslrs and the plain cls for stock dslrs. Hope it helps a bit
  15. Hello Philip! I live in Athens, Greece, so the equivalent would be London, center. Many street lights, most of them not shielded, producing an untolerable glare. So, an LP filter would only be logical, as Spock would have said