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  1. Thanks @callisto, but it's strictly shipment to UK only
  2. Bringing this request up again, since I am still looking for such a filter. Thanks
  3. @david_taurus83 yes indeed, it's like having a clip like filter!
  4. I think that Baader Protective t ring, is the more expensive version of this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/flo_2-inch_T_adapter.html , right guys?
  5. @dark knight : this seems a really nice, and inexpensive solution. But as Steve stated above, can this affect the ability to achieve focus? What do you think?
  6. Thanks Steve, for the response! So what do you think are my options here? Only clip filters? Could a coma corrector do the trick?Meaning can it fit inside there?
  7. I am considering buying a used 2in filter, but I am bit troubled, on how I can attach this on my current AP setup. I am using a skywatcher 130pds, and a canon dslr. I connect the dslr to the scope with a t-ring that I bought extra, and an adapter that was included in the telescope's original package, as you can see in the attached photo. So the question is how am I going to attach the 2in filter?Am I going to need something extra?
  8. Hello all, I am actively looking for a cls filter, since I try AP from a high light polluted area, with a stock (un-modded) dslr camera. So looking for a cls filter seems a quite logical decision, right? But is it? I discovered lots of flame threads over the internet about cls filters. Some of them stating that these filters mess with the white balance, and coloring in general, making processing tricky and difficult. Others that didn't do any difference, or make the whole thing worst. Others that are true saviors, and others stated that it makes sense only for modded dslrs, meaning the ccd equivalent of these filters. What do you think?
  9. Hello there! If someone has a clip CLS (or other light suppression/light pollution) filter, for canon dslr that doesn't want nor uses anymore, and wants to sell it. please drop me a line. I am not particular interested in the brand. It could be Astronomik, Skytech, Svbony, etc as long as it is at a logical price (or even better a bargain! haha). Just pointing out, that I am looking for the plain CLS, not the CCD one, and not for the full frame canon. Stelios
  10. Just to say, since I have the same dslr, this is a really nice model for dslr astrophotography, because of the great battery and and light weight of the camera
  11. Hello there, if anyone has a polar finderscope that suits Celestron mounts CG-5/AVX/CGEM, and doesn't want it any more, please drop me a line, because I am interested in buying one. The scope is this one: https://www.celestron.com/products/cg-5-avx-cgem-polar-finderscope Take care, Stelios (p.s: shipping cost outside UK , will be covered of course, by me )
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