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  1. Mad Matt

    Hello everyone!

  2. Mad Matt

    Hello from Loch Lomond

  3. Mad Matt

    Hi Everyone

  4. Mad Matt

    Where to shop

    Hi Jon, the scope is fantastic but sadly theres been nothing but cloudy nights for a while now, hoping tonight might give me chance to get the scope out again. I was given a link to a club in Heaton Park but they don't start meeting until September, i will attend the they start up again...
  5. Mad Matt


    Thanks for your response John, my telescope is a Meade LS 8" ACF GOTO Telescope With LightSwitch, i might give the filters a miss for now then...
  6. Im looking at filters and trying to grasp why they can be very useful for viewing and photography. For now I'm only viewing so would like to know what peoples recommendations would be for buying filters? Im not really looking for budget filters. Im a great believer in only buying once so would prefer to pay more now and not have to go back and buy better at a later date... Also does anyone have links to "filter learning"? Thanks
  7. So great news, and bad news. First the very good news and most important. I followed the advice given re focusing and sure enough i saw a pea sized planet with two clear streaks going through it accompanied by 3 bright moons to the left and one to the right. Really didn't expect to see Jupiter with such clarity, just wish i could take a photo.... The bad news is i only got half an hour as the batteries ran flat, adapter should be here tomorrow... Feeling really please tonight
  8. This is something id be interested in especially toward the end of September, thank you...
  9. Thanks so much for the help guys, will be spending much longer getting it right tonight
  10. Im almost certain it was Arcturus, which I'm going to google
  11. The eyepieces were a 26mm and then i tried a 9mm. The only problem i have with switching the light switch off is that every time you switch it on it goes through all that finding itself and levelling itself? So the issue i can see me having is, i switch it on for the telescope to find where it is and level itself, i then program it to find Jupiter, it finds Jupiter so i switch it off to get a clear view but when Jupiter moves i have to switch back on to slew which then means the telescope goes through the whole process of finding itself again... Does this make sense?? Or am i being dumb??
  12. Thanks Stu, thats exactly what i was hoping to see but all i got was a dark grey disc, I'm obviously doing something wrong. This telescope ha a built in light switch so what I'm seeing is a bright back round and then dark disc in the middle, should i be switching the light off??
  13. So last night was my first ever time viewing the night sky through a telescope ( Meade LS 8") and i have mixed feelings about what i saw. I only had a couple of hours as i was up early this morning for work, started at 11pm till 1am. I chose Jupiter as it was the brightest star in the sky, selected it on the hand set and the telescope went straight to it. Now i wasn't expecting to see Jupiter in full colour and clarity but at least expected to see the different shades of gasses? All i actually saw was a perfectly round dark grey circle. I even changed lenses and again all i saw was them same but larger. Now i wasn't completely disappointed as i could clearly see two distinct moon around Jupiter which made the hairs on the back of my head stand up. I would never have believed i would ever see Jupiters moons. I was amazed and so happy. Im not great with which star/planet is which but i manually panned higher and to the left to another star (no idea what its called) which appeared to have some kind of halo or atmosphere???? So besides the moons around Jupiter and the halo around the unknown star/planet is all i can ever expect to see is dark grey discs?? Will be out again tonight for longer as I'm off work tomorrow...
  14. Mad Matt

    Where to shop

    Ive just packed everything away theres no chance of a clear sky tonight but i have just ordered a 12v adapter

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