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  1. Hi thanks for replys, quite a small house space is of a preimium, also will have my 8inch reflector and eyepiece etc. Cheers
  2. Hi all, just a quick follow up question from a post I did a while back. Would it be ok to store my 127 Maksutov in a plastic air tight/watertight box with some silica gel packs in the outside shed. many thanks in advance Barry
  3. Thanks cuivenion, will do. Barry
  4. Hi all,iam up at kielder village at the moments 2nights, the forecast was for cloudy skies and rain this weekend I was gobsmacked when I come out the anglers arms,clear very dark skies awesome. Got my binoculars started having look around, found m31 looked for m51 couldn’t see it. There was so many stars it was quite hard to make out the constellations, still a nice problem to have. Can’t recommend this place enough, if anyone is thinking of coming here it’s a special dark sky site. Regards Barry
  5. Thanks everyone, good advice as usual. barry
  6. Hi, thanks for that. Will have no electricity unfortunately to the shed. can get plastic waterproof boxes, is there any insulated covers perhaps anyone could recommend. once again thanks in advance. Barry
  7. Hi everyone, justed ordered a shed yesterday where I will be storing amongst other things is my telescope stuff. My question is what precautions should I take, will I need to cover the scopes, I’ve got a 8 inch reflected on a dob, also 127 maksutov. I’ve got my eyepiece etc kept in a wicker type box would these be ok to store in the outside shed, now it’s starting to get colder. Anyway as always many thanks in advance. Barry
  8. Hi all, was wondering could I fit my skyline 200p dob on a Equatorial Mount and if so which would you recommend. As always many thanks in advance. Barry
  9. Many thanks, thought I saw some spots moisture on primary, will leave cap off till I go to bed. Cheers Barry
  10. Hi all, just come back in after observing the moon put scope away with dust cap on,then thought should I leave it off till the morning. Got me thinking what other people do after a observing session. As always look forward to many worlds of wisdom. Cheers Barry
  11. Hi all, was wondering could I fit my skyline 200p dob on a Equatorial Mount and if so which would you recommend. As always many thanks in advance. Barry
  12. Thanks for replies, agree it’s better with a bit of company. One of the reason I was thinking burnhope res/ moors, loads of open spaces darks skies off the main roads. Will get along to one of the clubs in the area soon. Good crak. Barry
  13. Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. Agree doesn’t really get dark this time of year, I just want to get out in to open for good views of the dark sky,would have the wife with me for company. Have spoke to members of your group at Alston a while back. Will definitely come along to one of your meetings in the near future. Cheers Barry
  14. Hi all, been looking for a dark site near where I live thinking about trying burnhope reservoir in weardale the next clear weekend, has anyone done any observing here or in this area.its about 30mile drive for me Don’t mind if it’s worth it. many thanks in advance. Barry
  15. My thanks, will order the SKY-WATCHER 9X50 RIGHT-ANGLED ERECTING FINDERSCOPE Cheers Barry
  16. Hi everyone, read lots of stuff on here on this subject but still a little confused, forgive my ignorance. here goes, want to update my finderscope I got with my sky-watcher 200 dob to a raci , is the SKY-WATCHER 9X50 RIGHT-ANGLED ERECTING FINDERSCOPE a raci I’ve seen on first light optics, if not would the Orion raci finderscope fit my telescope. anyway many thanks in advance, great forum. Cheers Barry
  17. Maddison


    Many thanks everyone for making me feel welcome, looking forward to getting started it's all theory at the moment. Iam at Kielder this weekend, not very hopeful of clear skies. Will have a million questions to ask, just enjoying looking at the different posts at the moment Excellent. Cheers. barry
  18. Maddison


    Hello there, just like to introduce myself. My name is barry from co, durham I got my first telescope on Friday from first light optics, Iam a total novice but always had an interest in the night sky bit of a night owl anyway. Been looking at this forum for a while before signing up, learned quite a bit already.many thanks in advance. Barry
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