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  1. Here’s the little DIY 60 with dew/light shield attached. Note the V shaped notches/relief cuts in the reduced end of the dew shield* (see below). I may “weld” those closed in situ with my soldering iron, or cover the slots with flocking. After warming over my gas cook stove until pliable I squeezed the scope end down around the objective housing. After clamping down the dovetail, and tightening the cone error screws built into the dovetail, the shield fits like a glove. I notice a marked increase in contrast in daylight observations with the shield, which is painted in the same flat black as t
  2. Nevada has some very dark skies away from the cities, and there’s lots of space between those cities. My brother used to work at an open pit gold mine near Golconda, and we spent one evening drinking sour mash and looking up I’ll never forget. Welcome to the forum from mostly cloudy Arkansas.
  3. Now you’re going to have to fight aperture fever! I distinctly remember the first time I saw that view through the EP of a decent scope, on a bitter cold night in eastern Oregon, USA. A friend had a nice 4” refractor and we were far from any manmade light source, and it was “one of those nights”. It’s the only time I’ve seen the horse head, directly. Orion has been my favorite ever since. The entire region is full of amazing “stuff”, and I can spend most of a session just cruising around the neighborhood.
  4. I use both a RACI illuminating dual crosshair finder and the same type 12mm EP in my main scope. I found the stock finder on my C90 almost useless, and even a hinderance during stellar alignment. The uber thick single crosshairs in the straight through factory finder are so thick they cover Vega, and many other pinpoint targets, when centered.
  5. Astronomers Without Boarders reflector? There is a rather long thread about this over performing scope right here on this forum. My favorite, the C-90 Mak should also be mentioned, and another long thread exists about the “new version” right here (too lazy to look up and include links). I fully “get it” though, and picking a compact scope worth hauling around is a daunting task. If at all possible look at, and or through, actual examples before you whip out the plastic.
  6. I’ve seen the aurora from our home in north central Arkansas, so they can sometimes be seen well south of their native habitat. During our days in the NW corner of South Dakota we were treated to several episodes of highly active aurora. One of the most cool things I’ve seen in the sky.
  7. As mentioned above paleontology and archeology are rife with exploiting amateurs, and that’s exactly why I have issues. Yes, I understand these are my issues alone. What’s worse is often these amateurs pay to be exploited! I have both been the admin of such and participated as the “volunteer”. Our museum didn’t have a reliable/continuing revenue stream, and the yearly summer dig program was a big boost. We openly fessed-up that this influx of cash was critically vital. Interestingly many of our “volunteers”, although never seeing a dinosaur bone still in the ground, required very lit
  8. No extra O ring, but You are welcome to the drill and tap I used to add another set of screws to mine so that the O ring is eliminated.
  9. It’s not a matter of agreement with me or not, Andrew. It’s a matter of ignoring my point(s) and acting as if I hadn’t made any. That was what brought about the point sailing high comment. I don’t give a stuffed goose if anyone agrees with me or not. My goal isn’t an anti AAS dismantling. I’m just attempting to point out what should be bloody obvious. Y’all might trust that only good and honorable intentions are at work here, and the world rarely, if ever, works like that. I honestly feel the whole thing is an attempt to sweep in a large hunk of cash in a hurry, and dangling the carrot of pro-
  10. ...and yet “grown-ups” elected a tyrannt over here... My point, which seems to be sailing well over many heads here, is that I don’t see how paying to be used is a reflection of stupendous judgement skills. Neither am I saying this will be the eventuality. I suppose I should just come out and say it. This looks for all the world to be a money grab attempt. Pay your dues, even though we have excluded you and your ilk for decades, and keep your mouth shut. If there is no room for the notion to be challenged the notion is dogma. Does dogma have a place in science? Has money not motivate
  11. ...and when the outcome is reached it isn’t a larger feather in the cap of the pro? As a retired professional scientist I’ve seen both sides of the door. An eager, talented and knowledgeable amateur, no matter how vital his/her contribution, is nearly always denied the credit due them. Meanwhile the pro gets another bullet point on the resume, and his/her career is furthered. Excuse my cynicism, but I’ve seen this play out in several fields of study. Pros are not immune to human frailty/fault in any field, and nearly all of us are self serving. If the amateur’s ultimate benefit from such
  12. Not looking at this aspect is self serving for those that do get the most out of such a collaborative effort.
  13. I find that more often than not amateurs gain less from collaboration than involved professionals no matter the field of endeavor.
  14. Why more folk don’t build a barn door tracker escapes me. If one keeps working on polar alignment, and tracking speed, some amazing results can be had.
  15. Part of why I am so wound up about meteors is the simple joy of just looking up at the night sky. It’s snowing out so even a quick fix is off the menu. Ah, winter...
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