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  2. Here's FileDribble v1.6.0 . Comes with another small window(single dribble) on this version. The Single dribble Usage is : You can drug and drop just one file to move, all files in the folder will be moved at once. Hope this version is useful for you. Thanks. FileDribble_setup_v1.6.0.zip
  3. Okay, I'll prepare English version and update soon. Thanks.
  4. . Added the function to check the star shape. It could check 4 Edge side. (Ver 1.6.0)
  5. Anyone who wants to use v1.5 if it's updated ? 1. UTC shooting date/time adjust and display on fits/xisf header view window. 2. Rebuild the filename via refering to file header information. (It's main function for v1.5) 3. ... etc I'll give up to update if there is no answers. Thanks.
  6. File Dirbble 1.4.0 1. This version can see the fits and xisf header information. 2. You can edit the fits file header. 3. You can use full automatic file moving function by clicking the button. It uses fits and xisf's header info. FileDribble_setup_v1.4.0.zip
  7. Yes, I have 'cause I made. I have no plan to open the source code. The software is better useful for Mono-Camera shooting.
  8. I attached 4 pics to explain the function with FileDribble. The most important function is selecting the file by using a filter and sending to sub-folder created. Also you can do this at once. And you can change the filename at once for many image files you shot.
  9. This is File Dribble 1.3.6 for Pixinsight. I made this one for Pixinsight user. It helps selecting the file and makes sub-folder easily. So there will be no hard work that you select the files on the process calibration, integration etc.. Hope it's useful for everyone. Thanks. File Dribble with pics.zip
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