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  1. Thank you for all the advice. I am using the tiny red dot finder, but it is not easy to pin-point objects with it. I can find Jupiter with it but smaller objects are tough. I start off with my 25mm and then zoom in by adding a barlow. But going to the stock 10mm or then even use it with a barlow is for me imposible. The field of vision is so small with the 10mm and a object is litterly going from side to side in a minute. Adjusting results in vibrations which makes my photo's unsharp. How do you guys track at high magnification? Are you continuesly using the slowmotion controls? Or do you have wideview eyepieces to increase the field of vision. And how do you get less vibrations during the tracking? I think I will focus on improving my tracking skills before investing in goto. I hope that the goto improves my photo's and gives me more time to enjoy viewing and making picture. I do not want to heavily invest in it, so i forget deepsky. Also the sky conditions are not optimal. I live between two major city's and a area with a massive greenhouse industry which lighten ups the sky.
  2. Hi all, I bought a Astromaster 130EQ two years ago and bought separately a celestron xcell barlow 2x and a Xcell LX 25mm. I now use my iphone to take photo's with a adapter. However, I have trouble finding and specially tracking objects. Will an Goto system make this much easier? The next question is, should i stay with my astromaster 130 mm newt. telescope and invest in a goto mount like the skywatcher eq5 with synscan or can i better take an Nexstar 5SE? I am open for other suggestions I want to make planetary pictures with my cannon camera (moon / mars / jupiter) if possible deep sky. However there is severe light pollution in my area. Thanks in advance
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