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  1. Dave this was the procedure I undertook to fix my focus issue. 1. Close right eye and then look though left eyepiece using the left eye and find sharp focus 2. Remove the eyecup from the binocular by unscrewing it (see fig 1. & fig 2.) 3. Using a 0.9 Allen key, locate and unscrew the three small hex screws (see fig 3.) 4. Remove the diopter completely from the binocular (see fig 4.) 5. Close left eye and look through right hand eyepiece using the right eye 6. Adjust the right eyepiece by twisting until the right eyepiece is in sharp focus. You may need a pair
  2. Hi Stargazers, I am wanting to fit a GLP to my 20x80 binos. Does anyone use one on binos with a central mounting bar? Where can I purchase a suitable GLP and what type of mounting do I require please? Thanks in advance Chris https://www.opticron.co.uk/our-products/binoculars/observation-binoculars/wp-observation-20x80
  3. 100% correct Bill. I am bowled over by their assistance today. Couldn't be happier.
  4. Thanks for sharing your observations. I too look forward to reading more about your Dob v's Helios
  5. Michael, They are indeed a wonderful binocular. I had a peek at the double cluster when I first got them a couple of weeks ago. Despite being a little 'wonky' the cluster was easily the best I've ever seen it. The 3.5 degree FOV framed it beautifully.
  6. My focusing issue has been resolved thanks to a very helpful lady from Opticron. The binoculars now find sweet focus. Looks like I might get chance to try them out tonight under semi clear skies (here's hoping). Thanks Pete and team at Opticron for outstanding customer service. Especially considering I am a second hand owner of these binos. I really do appreciate this. Chris
  7. Hi Deeko, Is your HoTech collimator still available? Thanks
  8. Hi Pete, I tried adjusting the diopter screws but unfortunately that did not resolve my issue. It seems the right eyepiece fairly easily 'slides' in and out of the eye tube. It can simply be 'pulled' out completely. What I have noticed is the eyepiece will screw down into place. However when securely and fully screwed down the eyepiece will not come to focus using the diopter. But when I unscrew the eyepiece and pull it out of the eyepiece tube (by about 1/4 cm) then I am able to get the eyepiece into a decent and sharp focus. I'll phone the service department later today to discuss
  9. Thanks Peter. I'll take a look at FLO and the other retailers.
  10. Hi Stargazers, Would anyone with experience please advise me on the second hand value of my Tele Vue 102 (f8.6) 4" refractor? The OTA plus optics are in mint condition. It also comes with options for either dovetail or Losmandy mountings, the Tele Vue Starbeam red dot finder, the Tele Vue Everbrite 2" diagonal and a Tele Vue hard carry case. Of course I have the price I paid for it in October 2014 to guide me. Before I purchased it, it had one previous careful owner. Thanks
  11. Next question please. Where can I source a bright, reliable green laser pointer?
  12. Thanks Peter. I'll try the laser on the binoculars first and see how I get on. I do have a decent pair of 8x42's to help me get there.
  13. Thanks Steve and Pete, That was my strong inclination. I'll dive deep into your collective guides and see if I can resolve this.. Unfortunately due to other commitments it's now going have to wait until mid next week. Pete, if I get real stuck I'll give your department a call
  14. Hi Stargazers, If you're thinking of parting with your 100mm set of binoculars please get in touch. I'm searching for a pair with either 45 or 90 degree eyepieces which will fit any standard 1/4" ocular. I'm happy to consider all makes and will collect in person if you're located (hopefully) within 100 miles of Blackpool. Thanks Chris
  15. I do need the extra help so encoders it is. Or I might add DSC to my Dob, then add a green laser and use the Dob to point the binos in the right direction?
  16. Good points Steve. I will be mindful to source eyepieces from the same batch. Although more expensive, overall the APM's do seem a step up from the Helios but cost might mean I opt for the Helios eventually.
  17. Lovely sketches. Thanks for sharing. I bet they looked even better through the eyepieces.
  18. I was thinking of a fork or Alt Az mount with encoders to help me find things. Is this overkill for a decent pair of 100mm bins? I love sweeping the sky but don't really know how to find things or what I'm looking at? Does a parallelogram 'fold up' easily for compact storing or does it need to be always assembled for 'grab and go' (this is a big consideration for my needs).
  19. Thanks, they are ones I've been considering. Seem a good price too.
  20. Thanks Steve, I've only recently gotten into serious binocular astronomy and it has proved a revelation. I feel so much more comfortable seeing with two eyes and my BT has given me the kind of space walk experience I has been yearning for. When comparing looking thought my 20x80 over my Tele Vue / 41mm pano I simply prefer the binos. So much so I'm now seriously considering selling my TV (something I though I would never consider) and purchasing a BT with changeable eyepieces. Then somewhere done the line getting a 127 Mak to fill the high power gap for moon and planets.
  21. Thanks Tomatobro, I was considering buying a BT with interchangeable eyepieces. Do you have any recommendations on which make to go for?
  22. Hi Stargazers, When using your giant binoculars and BT's do you prefer to sweep the sky with your bins on a dual fork mount or is it more comfortable using a typical single arm Alt Az mount? I'd love to hear your thoughts...
  23. I have a set of 20x80 straight though binoculars (mounted) but my goal is to own a pair of 25x100. I'm fairly new to big binoculars but already love their ability to sweep the Milkyway. When comparing a 80mm frac v's a 100mm frac the larger glass obviously opens up more possibilities especially for higher powers. Does anyone have experience with the two different sets. I realise bins are meant for low power, wide field views. So does lugging around a slightly bigger, heavier set of bins outweigh the extra 20mm gain in aperture? Thanks everyone
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