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  1. Thank you both for your help and suggestions. That makes things a little clearer.
  2. Thanks for responding so quickly Tuomo, You're right this seems ideal, especially for stars! Two follow up questions: Can this also be used for planet tracking? (this is probably a silly question but as planets have a faster relative movement to Earth than stars I assume the tracking has to account for both Earth spin and planetary orbit?) Looking at reviews many seem to say there are several advantages to getting the Mini Wifi version with very similar performances, would you have a view on this?
  3. Hello all, I have been taking photographs from a static tripod for awhile now with varying success, mostly landscape shots using a wide angle. I now have an unexpected £300 to potentially spend on an EQ mount but am struggling to understand if that is the best way to progress to the next level. For Christmas my girlfriend bought me the Opektra 500mm (with 2x teleconverter) so I could hopefully take some pictures of planets (It's not a great piece of glass basically a cheap telescope with a t-mount fixed at f/8 with manual focus, but it's okay for what it is). I immediately found
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