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  1. Great image, pity we can't see it from the UK!!
  2. Great image, well done and processed
  3. Both awesome images, thanks for posting
  4. Try PHD 1.2 instead of 2.0, most folk I know still find 1.2 better!!? Ron
  5. I have a similar set up, finderscope/QHY5 and had this problem a couple of weeks ago. The answer; I re-balanced my set up with everything attached and it was instantly fixed!! I use PHD 1.2 as I find it better than 2.0 and keep it separate from APT. Hope this is helpful? Ron
  6. Brilliant image, 26 hours of data!! Wow!!
  7. I've just done the Rosette Nebula with my ED80, just the right size!!
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum..
  9. A quick reprocess with more saturation and contrast, what do you think??
  10. Hi Ken, it was taken with a modded DSLR (1000d) and I do have a bit of light pollution, mostly to the North of me! Subs were 120 and 180 secs using a SW ED80 Pro on an HEQ5. I'll try adding some Flats during the week and a bit more processing, thanks for your input Ken.. Thanks Ron
  11. Not sure what an OSC image is Rodd? This is a reduced jpeg from CS3..
  12. I use the new SW WiFi adaptor with my phone, more accurate than the SW handset!!
  13. Clear sky (some LP) but for some reason I forgot to balance the rig so guiding was hard work!! 30 Lights 10 Darks Stacked and processed in DSS and CS3
  14. That's a lot better, almost instant! Both 'Long Exposure and High ISO noise reductions now turned off.. Thanks Ron
  15. Thanks both, I did have the Noise Reduction enabled. I've just disabled them and will do a test later. (I have a bedroom to paint!!) Thanks Ron
  16. I'll check, thanks Dave ..
  17. Hi, wonder if anybody who uses APT has any problems with the time it takes to download images from the camera to the laptop? If I am taking 3 min subs it also takes 3 min to download onto APT! So a run of 10 x 3 min subs takes nearly an hour!! It maybe a setting somewhere, my camera (1000d) or my laptop?? Any comments would be really helpful please?. Thanks Ron
  18. You can alter the upper and lower slewing limits on the app. Mine just arrived and I had a play, all OK except you have to make your own 'Home' setting?? Ron
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