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  1. Hey, welcome. It only gets more expensive from here... But as @Dave In Vermont says, we can help you save money. Don't buy a Lumicon Oiii filter !! ? That's $100 I've saved you... Eh Dave ?? ?
  2. Richard, worry not. Ours balances with a Telrad, a dual finder bracket (as @Mrs Racey still likes her RDF), a 9x50 finder scope and most eyepieces. It's only the big grenades that require the counterweights. And 6 60mm outside diameter ring magnets counteract our 40mm. And those can be attached and removed without trace in seconds...
  3. What a project. Brilliant. I bet that's a bit lighter to heave up the garden than our steel tubed Dob !!
  4. @Racey kindly set the little ED80 up for me on our manual mount last night. While he was watching the golf I spent a very relaxed and contented couple of hours alternating between Saturn and Jupiter, various clusters and even the ring nebula... I didn't see quite as much detail as some (not quite as many moons of Saturn for example) and the GRS eluded me too given the seeing over a few houses in the village from where I'd set up to see Saturn wasn't perfect. But I was happy perfecting my Star hopping and scanning for a while. But what I did notice particularly was the difference to observing Saturn from our terrace in La Palma back in March. It was so much higher in the early morning skies at that Lattitude than last night... Roll on the dark skies of Fuertaventura next month and Namibia in October... Susie (Hope little Oliver heals quickly)
  5. And there was me thinking that with all the gear you're amassing in the "hobby room" you were about to open up shop too...
  6. Thanks for the heads up Paul... A certain someone has a birthday looming... I'll investigate further
  7. And as Mrs Race says in her stern voice... "No"
  8. I can vouch for this. It's a two person job to get a C8 into a horizontal side on mount. 3 hands are required ? It is the most risky and potentially disastrous thing to attempt by one person. It was the swearing and cussin' that alerted me to this the one and only time it was attempted..,
  9. Remind me... When was this "Capital Expenditure Form" signed off..?
  10. Seconded... Motion carried... (Don't ask me to give evidence to corroborate things though. Could get @Racey in a spot of bother... )
  11. Excellent. Thanks @rockystar. There's more out there than I thought. Appreciated
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