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  1. orion nebula

    yeah agreed I think it is this case closed lol thanks for your help
  2. orionids 2017

    saw 9 orionids over 1.5 hours good result for me
  3. orionids 2017

    well saw a green fireball at 00.20am 23/10/2017 lasted bout 2 seconds was a long one
  4. settings

    I have a Samsung j5 what setting would bring.out orion nebula on my mobiles camera
  5. orionids 2017

    with clear skies will i still see some orionids on morning of Monday 23rd October and what times are best to view is it midnight onwards
  6. orion nebula

    could there be a permanent saterlite out near iota orionis
  7. I know that orion neb gives birth to stars and planets but is it possible that moons could also be formed and be viewed binoculars because i am stumped i watching something every night i get obs on iota orionis there is a star just to right wich over several hours appears to move and people keep saying it's a satellite it ain't I know what they look like any ideas would be great
  8. orionids 2017

    I saw it for half and hour between 05.32 and 06.07am saw 7 orionids
  9. orionids 2017

    does anyone know if it will be streamed in UK on YouTube just weather is crap tonight
  10. Fed up

    atacama sounds good shall we club together lol
  11. Fed up

    very true November is winter time yay lol Clear long nights
  12. Fed up

    i like the attitude folks lol screw the weather mondays looking good at moment could be a long night
  13. binocular astrophotgraphy section

    to be honest bud I'm not too sure what stereo or spectroscopic is what is differnece
  14. binocular astrophotgraphy section

    but like a t ring adapter
  15. should there be a section on here for binocular astrophotgraphy