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  1. depends on his your scope.is the higher the.multimeter the close.you get to see features of the planets
  2. seasons greetings and a happy New year and good luck for 2018 hope your skies clear for you and you get some good obs
  3. my best by al higgs taken through 20x80 binoculars and mobile phone enjoy enjoy ?☺?☺
  4. everything soon musk said he was going to do he has done
  5. isn't space flight magazine still going i swear i bought jt earlyier this year
  6. I seen alot.of.people rate 8 inch celestron dobs
  7. great thanks mate for advice I know exactly what I'm going to write on
  8. my apologies ronin for coming across snappy or sarcastic
  9. alhiggs


    hi and welcome what you into observing and whats your set up
  10. sorry for wrong place my brain has only just woken up today lol thank you for putting in right place
  11. 1 small thing not done on purpose
  12. anyone seen anymore flashes near jupiter last night weather in hull is cloudy
  13. i want to do something writing in space anyone got any good ideas don't want to write on same old same.old
  14. agreed stu defo a point meteor as ursids meteor shower is around at moment
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