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  1. Very Nice shots!! I have been watching them for the last few weeks from my garden and still find it mesmerizeing.
  2. Hi Neil, welcome to the best site for people at all stages of astronomy! I too am a beginner and live not far from yourself in St Helens. Lots of advice to be had here, the people are great.
  3. Greetings!! I'm also not far from yourselves..."St Helens". Nice to see people in my local vacinity have also joined SGL. Best thing you could have done!!
  4. Same here pal (Lancashire). Can just make out the moon and thats it. Try again tomorrow perhaps??
  5. I'm also a newbie and recently made a purchase of my first scope from First Light Optics and was very pleased with the whole service and advice on other purchases made!! They are also involved on this site so you can get advice from them out of hours aswell (provided they are online..... if not just leave them a message!) And this is definately by far the best forum ive seen and the members are so helpful. Good luck with your purchase!
  6. Take a look at a site called www.skyshed.com there are loads of sites to look at you'll probably be stuck on which plans to make etc.
  7. I agree with all the members comments above as i too have been shown great patience and given great help and most of all not had anyone reply back to me as though im a complete idiot!! I think this is definately the best forum and just great people!!
  8. It takes a bit of getting used to but you will get there!!
  9. Thanks for the advice....... it turns out that the polar holder with the date circle etc unscrews off the housing and the new polarscope with date circle just screws right back in!! got the answer from FLO. I bookmarked the website you told me about...thanks! Its all done now and im very happy.... next purchase: dew shield / heater then i'm away!!
  10. Space_Trucker


    Hi...... All i can say is...... you have come to the right place!! Ive only just joined, had some questions i needed to ask and been given loads of help and advice!! took me a while to navigate around, but got there in the end!! "Clear Skies" my friend.
  11. Ive just had contact from FLO regarding the polarscope and it appears that you DO have to unscrew the polar holder (the one with the 3 screws) off the back of the mount in order to fit the new polarscope!! They also apologised(ish) for the lack of instructions. RESULT:hello2: Just got to go and try this now!!
  12. Thanks....... Can you send me the link to that website or will i find it in SGL?
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