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  1. Thanks guys I think i'll try and find a half decent 9 or 10 mm , ebay perhaps ?
  2. Ahhh ... thought so , the 4mm was a newbie impulse buy - Note to self - Read the faq on eyepieces before buying , muppet ! - Secondary note to self - RTFM on the scope before blundering around in the dark ! Ok , so i'm gonna dump the 4mm and get hold of something around 9-10mm ?? sound ok ? any recomendations ? whats good , bad and just plain ugly in the eyepiece world ? Are Meades any good ? Televue worth the money ?
  3. Ahh Haa ... I had the same issue last night , my first time out , couldn't seem to focus anything very clearly , i saw the donut "Blob" view you mention when using the focuser on mars, but assumed i'd gone too far and whizzed it back. I also had what seemed to be a blackout in the eyepiece , no light at all visible. Obviously , i didn't have clue what i was doing , and by the time i started to get a grip on things (sort of) i was all dewed up and had to call it a night. All in all a very dissapointing first night out , i spent far too long messing around with the goto controls , next time i'll spend some time looking around manually and trying to sort out my eyepiece viewing technique and aligning things properly. Saw nothing interesting at all other than very small , bright white blobs BTW .... will a 4mm eyepiece be of any use to me with my Celestron Nexstar 4SE ? I have a 25mm and a X2 barlow , plus the 4mm , when i used the barlow i couldn't see anything. it's specs are - Magnifications (with eyepiece supplied): x53 Highest Practical Power (Potential): x240 Diameter of Primary Mirror: 102mm Telescope Focal Length: 1325mm (f/12.99) what other eyepieces would be good for planets ? cheers
  4. Hi Paul , sorry i don't know the answer to your question as i'm a total newb, but would like to butt in and ask is it possible to do long exposures with the Alt/Azimuth mount on the Nexstar scopes ? I have the 4SE and everything i've read states it's no good for long exposures ?
  5. Ahh ha ! Just the job , thanks , i'll get on that
  6. Thanks guys , great help. Any pics anywhere of home made dew sheilds ? I have some old camping mats kicking around somewhere , red in colour i think ? any good to me ?
  7. Hi , i've purchased a Celestron - Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope and have been reading about problems with dew. I've not been able to get out with it yet , but would like to be prepared for when i do. Will i need a dew shield with this scope ? Will a dew heater be a good investment ? Any other tips for a first night out appreciated , like best time of night to get out and what times of year dew is the biggest problem?
  8. If you ever find yourself in Australia , a visit to these places will be well worth it. I was lucky enough to be there earlier this year in a camper van on a 2 month tour and i can tell you the night sky is amazing , the milky way was breathtaking with a very distinct dark spot seemingly devoid of any stars. As well as the places below , Wilpena pound has fantastic night skies. Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary Flinders Ranges South Australia Astronomy at Arkaroola - Arkaroola wilderness Sanctuary and Resort ------------------------------ Coonabarabran has a solar system drive with massive scale models of the planets located at the roadside at various points along the way to the observatory. Siding Spring Observatory & solarsystemdrive Coonabarabran Warrumbungle Ranges World's Largest Virtual Solar System Drive
  9. Hi , Just used this company for the first time to buy my first scope. After some shopping around on the internet they came out with the best price for the telescope i was looking for (Celestron nexstar 4 SE) and offered free delivery. The service was speedy and efficient with good communication. They contacted me to advise of a delay in delivery due to the heavy snow recently , but still managed to deliver my order in 3 days. All round a trouble free transaction. Telescopes | Binoculars | Night Vision | Birdwatching Binoculars | Astronomical Telescopes
  10. Thanks for all the advice folks , Liz , thanks for some inspiration with the great image. My 50th birthday is fast approaching so i've had to choose a scope for the kids to pitch in with as they've been hasseling me for a decision I have found a Celestron Nexstar 4SE at a good price at a place called Sherwoods , so have ordered it today , with luck it will be here before the weekend !! I was also loooking at a celestron 130 SLT , but there didn't seem to be much of a price difference ? I thought this might be a good choice , it looks fairly portable if i need to take it away camping and it should be easy for me to get going with. What can i expect with a Maksutov-Cassegrain ?
  11. Hi All , I've been longing to buy a telescope for years now , ever since a friend of mine gave me a look at Saturn and the moon through his a few years back , it was amazing , i was gobsmacked. Up untill now the problem has been cash , but i have some available now and have been looking around and reading review after review and many online buyers guides. The more i read , the more confused i get. I know this is a question that gets asked time after time... "what telescope is best ? ". I'd like to add to that and ask .. "What telescope is best for London with poor "seeing" conditions? " Is it even worth getting one living in town ? My budget is around £300 - £350 , it's more likely to be used at home as opposed to traveling out. Not sure that GoTo's such as the celestron range will be much use to me , as on many nights , not that many objects seem visible from my location and seems a waste to be finding washed out sky where something interesting should be ... or am i wrong? Photography ? well. i'd love to think it was possible to do some. It's my 50th birthday next week and the kids have offered to pitch in for a present .... Whooohoooo So any advice on the best choice of telescope for use in town would be most . most welcome ! Thanks in advance and happy new year !
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