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  1. please link for example. i just wonder how it looks/can look greetings Teo
  2. yesterday evening it was first time i have seen the jupiter trough my telescope. in the summer a friend told me about the big bright wandering star in the sky. it look like a triangle shine to me if i watch on it with only my eyes. yesterday i set up my telescope because the sky looked clear above my house. and i managed to get it in view with the 32mm eyepiece. i did see the jupiter and it 2 or 3 moons i cant remember because i was just euphoric and recorded the type of light in my brain i never experience before. to look at the mooon is realy fantastic.(easy target for noobs like me) to see the jupiter clearly and see its moons is win for life! it was a short time. about half hour and i had to follow it manualy because i need polarseekerscope to set the mount perfectly. then the clouds appeared over the alps and rain did drop hard. next time i will try to get juptiter closer with 20mm ep's or lower ones. can go down to 4mm i can say . this was the first serious experience i did so far besides looking at the orion nebula were i just have see a cloudy border of it mo than half year ago. finaly i get better and mo serious about . cheers Teo
  3. heya everyone. since a few week i noticed a bright big star/planet to the east(midnight gmt+1) never directet my telescope on it because my garden is on the other side of the house. i wonder what it is and why i didnt notice it last summer. is it because i am new to astronomy or i just look at sky wth other eyes yet? thanks for help. and it is real bright.the shine is asymetric anyhow.
  4. i vote for the first attempt, due the less collors mo room for own fantasy:) i like pictures that are similar to what i see trough a scope. greetings Teo
  5. first time i see a star in fron of a galaxy,in the right up one. a great photo! greetings Teo
  6. a very nice looking picture. the tree effects the whole picture, adds kind of 3d. anyhow. greetings Teo
  7. hello, i can only tell from my experience with a 10" newton on a mount (i cant talk about any other type of scope), but i think a 10" newton and a 10" dobson got nearly the same specs. 1 month before i was realy in trouble. what telescope shoud i get?. since i own one and got a few hours observing experience i can talk about some , let us call it "so far", nice impressions. about the tube 10": it is long and wide. if you go trough doors etc, take care of the focuser:) stairways might be awesome dificulty to manage(site and hight). no magazines and toys on the stairs (something evil coud hsppen) because it is a big 120 length tube! and i am 192 tall. thats all:) anything else is realy nice! greetings Teo
  8. to say it in my words... hardcore! beside all these high magnificated nebula and star pictures i never realised there are so many stars only within a single constelation. thanks for open my mind Teo
  9. i had set up my telescope at friday , now,2 days later, i just picked it up again without using it, just a view views trough the small finder scope i got this weekend. so no update to my experience list:/ greetings Teo
  10. good morning, i just download the client. now i get a err message when i will start the installation, it tells me "the setup files are corrupted.please obtain a new copy of the program." so i did, but still the same message, i dont get trough the instalation:/ i run vista home edtion. greetings Teo
  11. it's ok the Sailor. as Dazraz say, its up to everyone him/herself. greetings Teo
  12. just a question. do we, the mankind, know how it looks beyond the center of our milkyway? Thanks Teo
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