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  1. Thanks everyone, Nexremote worked and PHD2 manual guide worked with .5 degrees per second. Tonight I will try to use firecapture for imaging and PHD2 for guiding at the same time. Ottawa winters would be ideal for remote. We have to get outside while we can in the Spring and Summer! Best, Ken
  2. Louise, I do not use any planetarium software on the PC. Just startracker on my phone and the NextStar library. I am really starting out on AP planets... so a planetarium is overkill for me right now. SonnyE, I did not know there was a handset emulator. I will get it and try it out. That would reveal that my AVX takes external control, or provide further evidence it does not. And yes, the hardware remote works fine on it's own. Michael, When I tested the Camera-ST4-AVX, I selected "on camera" in PHD2 and "camera-st4" or somesuch in firecapture. Yes, both programs said that the mount connection was successful. I will max up the step in PHD2, and no, PHD2 never did any calibration. Thanks all of you and best, Ken
  3. Thanks Thalestris24! Regarding your instructions: You should just connect your guide cam via usb to your computer and use PHD2. -> Yes Connect the handset to usb using a usb-serial cable. -> The newer AVX handset is miniUSB at the bottom not serial , but otherwise yes, PC to Handset via USB. Ascom -> Yes Universal Celestron Driver (it's the only one on the Ascom site) -> Yes. ... and with all that, the PC PHD2 Manual Controls are dead... I think I have a tech support problem Ken
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help with an autoguiding problem. I have a Celestron AVX mount. I cannot get it to guide at all externally. It moves fine from the handset. I have tried guiding from FireCapture, PHD2 (both auto and just manually guiding) I have tried to connect via the USB to Handset, and via the autoguide port (via my ASI290mc). I know the handset port communicates (on COM4) because I flashed the Celestron Firmware. I am beginning to think I have a tech support problem, but I want to rule out errors on my part. Thanks, Long time lurker, first time poster.
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