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  1. Mine works fine 90% of the time with my C8 just bring it close to focus manually and then let the (ascom) autofocus on what ever software your using do the rest. Ian
  2. Yes, I also use DSLR controller by chainfire Sorry Alan missed your question its here http://brainylantern.com/slingshot/ Ian
  3. Hi, I use brany lantern pro which i purchased a few years ago it works well with my 750d. Sorry I should add that I use this when working from remote sites and it's for android tablets I use it for astrophotograpy and wildlife.its handy being able to keep warm in the sleeping bag whilst using live viewing
  4. A bit late replying. I'm using AA183c pro tec, AA183m but combination of qhy and zwo as well.
  5. Hi, I run two instances of Sharpcap pro on the laptop running 2 cameras with no problems Ian
  6. Bought one of these recently as a carry everywhere head torch I've been pleased with it's performance. https://www.alpkit.com/products/muon
  7. I saw one earlier this evening very low angle traveling west at 1910hrs, shames its clouding over might have been an interesting evening to setup the allsky camera.
  8. Hi, I used the TS-Optics CCD Adapter for Canon EOS lenses to T2 - 26-33 mm it worked well with the ZWO183mm pro tec and my canon lenses with the 5mm spacer with a little adjustment on the ts-optics adapter. Sorry I cant give you further details I sold them a few months back. Ian
  9. Interesting seeing your perspective through the dob having recently recently taken the flame and horse head together through my AA 66ED-R thanks for sharing.
  10. I recently had a reply from this email address on the 10/11/18 regarding some items I had ordered. info@altairastro.com Maybe worth a try. Ian
  11. I have just this minute received an email from Ian confirming order was sent but isn't showing up on tracking and unlike Davey-T I have received replies to emails in the past which is why I found it strange that I didn't get any replies to my enquiries.
  12. Same here placed an order Oct 25 which was confirmed in stock and it still hasn't arrived and Ive had no response to my emails. Im sure it will arrive but the lack of replies to emails is strange.
  13. Fine this side running through 4g hotspot from phone
  14. Hi Barry I store my equipment in a shed/office outside i think some form of heating is important to make sure the temp in the shed remains above the dew point I also run a dehumidifier on auto. Dust is another problem to be aware of. All my equipment is dried before being re boxed I use plastic waterproof boxes with desiccants placed inside which are changed monthly if im in and out of the boxes a lot. Floors ceiling door and walls are lined and insulated.
  15. Ive tried 2 methods for alignment 1 used it in its EQ configuration with sharpcap polar align which appeared to work well then did 1 star align and platesolved,didnt have long before clouds rolled in. 2 AZ mode point north and level then use 2 star align select stars goto and fine tune also used platesolve Unfortunately last night was a very small window of opportunity before clouds covered the already small patches of clear sky. The skywatcher tripod is adequate but too soon to say much more, Im using a 3 Legged Thing PUNKS Travis with Airhed Neo Ballhead with a Starwave Micro Geared photo head mainly because it folds up and is very compact not as sturdy as the sw tripod so time will tell. setup time is fast less than 30mins and it takes me seconds to pick it all up and rush for shelter ?.The wifi setup is spot on, Ive used the celestron skyportal wifi which is abysmal compared to this,great that you can use all the software on the PC and still link into skysafari5 on the android tablet or phone shame it doesn't come with a container of clear sky.
  16. Hi Rob thought Id revisit and let you know I went for the Skywatcher AZ GTi and up to now Im impressed. It took me 1hr to hook it up remotely to the Home router,ascom,platesolving,APT,Sharpcap.skysafari 5 pro android etc etc all running at the same time. Setting it up in eq mode was a doddle now all I need is a clear night to run it all I did try last night but the clouds rolled in 10 minutes after Id set it up
  17. If you want to send the nxw455 board up to me to test whilst Ive got it all stripped down for re greasing etc Im happy to see if it survived can send it you back, at £200 plus for a new one its got to be worth you selling it on if it still functioning. Ian
  18. Thanks thats a very nice offer sorry For not replying sooner for some reason I missed your comment. Ive been looking at the AZ EQ6 GT the EQ6 looks like a nice bit of kit.
  19. Just as an update the part arrived this morning and is fitted problem now solved thanks FLO for sourcing the part ?
  20. Will report back next week if I get a clear window. I've ordered it after watching this video if it works this could make using it really interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By6mBcMspGQ&t=597s
  21. Just been reading your earlier contributions and your trials and tribulations you've been unlucky, I do like the wooden tripod looks to be well constructed. As a bit of an update Im seriously looking at the Skywatcher AZ GTi to replace the skyprodigy. With the phone app and ascom drivers it looks like an interesting contender, I would miss the starsense align but would gain the use of skysafari with a more comprehensive library. The question now is how much damage will the wife do to me if I buy it ?
  22. Short answer yes one side through a series of resistors. Ian
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