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  1. Mine works fine 90% of the time with my C8 just bring it close to focus manually and then let the (ascom) autofocus on what ever software your using do the rest. Ian
  2. Yes, I also use DSLR controller by chainfire Sorry Alan missed your question its here http://brainylantern.com/slingshot/ Ian
  3. Hi, I use brany lantern pro which i purchased a few years ago it works well with my 750d. Sorry I should add that I use this when working from remote sites and it's for android tablets I use it for astrophotograpy and wildlife.its handy being able to keep warm in the sleeping bag whilst using live viewing
  4. A bit late replying. I'm using AA183c pro tec, AA183m but combination of qhy and zwo as well.
  5. Hi, I run two instances of Sharpcap pro on the laptop running 2 cameras with no problems Ian
  6. Bought one of these recently as a carry everywhere head torch I've been pleased with it's performance. https://www.alpkit.com/products/muon
  7. I saw one earlier this evening very low angle traveling west at 1910hrs, shames its clouding over might have been an interesting evening to setup the allsky camera.
  8. Hi, I used the TS-Optics CCD Adapter for Canon EOS lenses to T2 - 26-33 mm it worked well with the ZWO183mm pro tec and my canon lenses with the 5mm spacer with a little adjustment on the ts-optics adapter. Sorry I cant give you further details I sold them a few months back. Ian
  9. Interesting seeing your perspective through the dob having recently recently taken the flame and horse head together through my AA 66ED-R thanks for sharing.
  10. I recently had a reply from this email address on the 10/11/18 regarding some items I had ordered. info@altairastro.com Maybe worth a try. Ian
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