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  1. I'm trying to decide on a mount as well and I'm leaning towards the eqm-35 due to the lower weight, I know it won't be as good for AP as likes of Heq5 but think it will fit my needs for both visual and some AP. Being new to AP and being on a budget I don't want to spend much over £500 on mount as I've other bits to purchase ontop like guide scope or finder and flattener. So that's another £250+ for what I want. Already spent £400 on a nearly new altair astro 80ed r and £100 on nice red altair astro 90deg dielectric. I want the finder to be the same brand as well. Its also important to me due to health issues that the mount is easy to move in and out the house and into the car, that's a big priority as if it's not manageable for me then whole thing will be useless. One thing I've learned is this can get expensive pretty quickly.
  2. Derek1973

    First AP set up advice

    Once again thanks for the comments. I haven't decided on the mount yet, most of the lighter weight mounts don't seem to be up to the job. I would have liked my whole set up to be under 20kg. Possible if I went for Eq5 or EQM-35 thinking Heq5 and above will be too much for me. At £550 these mounts are not cheap but don't want to waste money. Maybe I should look out for a second hand eq5 and try it out.
  3. Derek1973

    130pds v 150pds for imaging

    Thanks for the reply but I toon the plunge and bought an altair astro 80ed-r last night was 2nd hand and too good a price. 2/3rds of new a month old.
  4. Which mounts will fit this I was having a look hoping to find a list but no joy. Thanks.
  5. Derek1973

    Skywatcher GTi mount

    After checking the scope weighs in at 2.6kg 1kg finderscope and Canon dslr is 530g plus if I allow another 500g for the flattener/reducer that totals just over 4.6kg so in theory this mount with the upgraded tripod should be up to the job.
  6. Derek1973

    Skywatcher GTi mount

    That's a point a 50mm would probably suffice.
  7. Derek1973

    First AP set up advice

    Well change of plans I've managed to pick up a nearly new altair astro 80ed r for less than the price of the skywatcher ed80. So that will be that sorted. Need a mount now that can take scope, a 60mm altair astro rac illuminated finder and a Canon dslr.
  8. Derek1973

    Skywatcher GTi mount

    Do any of you guys think this would be suitable for me using a altair astro 80 edr frac with 60mm right angled finderscope and Canon dslr or am I pushing it? I would upgrade the tripod. Thanks
  9. Derek1973

    Current Astro setup

    Looks great, I've been looking at very similar set up but can't make my mind up on the exact items.
  10. Hi everyone, Still looking at various scopes for imaging ed80 is high on my list but would I be better with either 130pds or 150pds incase I wanted to do some visual as well. If so opinions on the 130pds v 150pds. Ive ruled out the 200pds as its far too big for me. Thanks.
  11. Derek1973

    Hi to everyone

    Hi and welcome
  12. Derek1973

    What did the postman bring?

    Look what postman brought me.
  13. Derek1973

    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome
  14. Derek1973

    What Can I Expect to See....?

    Great article enjoyed reading all 12 pages. If anyone wants to look though a huge telescopes rather than the avarage I would thoroughly recommend a visit to an observatory, I was really impressed by the Scottish dark sky observatory.

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