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  1. Great Photo (looks good to me as a novice) thanks for your input, I never rush into these sort of decisions. More research, more coffee and midnight oil!
  2. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my images. Having done some further investigation/surfing I have been reading reviews that state the SW star adventurer is ok for lenses up to 200mm and a medium weight DSLR, however some reviewers have mentioned that its tracking is quite wild at times and that the polar scope can not be used once the camera is mounted. (I'm wondering if this is a problem should any adjustments be required to its polar alignment once the photographic kit is mounted? Taking the photographic kit off the mount again isn't something I would cherish! I have also looked at the SW EQ 3-2 pro with the GOTO/Track and wondered for roughly the same money whether this would be a better option? I know that I am doubling up on the tripod legs part but wondered if this all in one manufactured solution would work more accurately to mount my D600 or D800 and a medium sized refractor say an ST80 or ST102. The trouble I am finding doing further research is that obviously these viewpoints are personal and most people have significantly more money to spend on this hobby than I do, I understand this as I have spend £ 1000's on my photographic equipment, however I can justify that as I have more than broken even over the years with publications. I cannot justify spending the same on something mealy for pleasure / hobby. Thank you for all your replies, please keen your answers to a realistic budget. Kind regards, Graham.
  3. Thank you all for your interesting replies. I have considered using one of my lenses but as I am a semi professional landscape photographer (I also own a Nikon D800 but 36mp full frame produces huge image file capacity) most of my quality F2.8 lenses are in the wide and super wide range. I own a Nikkor AIS manual 180ED F2.8 lens and a cheap Nikon 70-300 F5.6 but here's the thing, I know from experience that most of my lenses require stopping down at least 2 stops to achieve a good overall sharpness particularly at the edges and I am led to believe that diffraction from the aperture blades (the nikkor has 9) causes problems with light formation (stars)? I could always put a 2x converter on the 180 but again that slows it to F5.6, probably also degrading the 180's optics as the converter is not of good quality. (Landscape photographers generally don't need them) The suggestion of the skywatcher star adventurer is brilliant as prior to this tip I'd not know about it so thank you and also Carol, the suggestion of the William Optics 61 is also well received. I may well go the star travel complete kit first (as already have a stable set of legs?, and also a good tripod) and see what I can produce with the 180ED and then go for the WO61, my only concern is that I assume the WO is only a 61mm diameter aperture and wondered if this is enough over say the SW ED80 or SW 102ST for light gathering? again, thank you for your valued time. im just off to,do some research on the WO61.... i have enclosed a few sample shots of my landscape photography just for your interest. regards Graham.
  4. Hi to all you members on SGL. I am a novice with 3 months experience with a SW200P dob, having started initially with a pair of Oregon 15 x 70 Bins on a tripod mount. I have referenced some good books and spent some time with Stellarium and I am encouraged by my new learnt ability to navigate the night sky with the 200p. I have connected my Nikon D600 (24mp full frame) DSLR to the scope and produced some satisfying photos of the moon, however I am interested in imaging some DSO's. ( I have caught the bug with no cure in sight!) I intend to get a tracking mount such as a SW HEQ5 Pro Synscan, but for now would like to purchase a wide field refractor and produce some wide field imaging with a basic mount, I understand that subs of around 30 sec can be produced with mediocre results initially until I get a better mount. Also it would be nice to have a grab and go scope which is more convenient than the big DOB. Also this would give me some images to experiment with the software such as DSS and Registax 6. So, I have been researching three achromatic telescopes, The Skywatcher ST80 and ST102 (both come with kit mounts ranging from AZ3 to EQ1 and the Bresser Messier AR-102/600 (which looks stylish and has the Hex focus) However, despite spending somewhere in the region of 4-5 hours so far researching for reviews on the BM102, nothing has been forthcoming>? I am aware of the issues of CA with these small tube Achromats, however the plan is to Purchase one of the three now, save for the HEQ5 mount, then at a later stage use the scope purchased now as a guide scope and but a better APO doublet or triplet scope for the main tube. So, having laid the table so to speak, which of the three would you advice and why please, I have been told by two companies stocking the BM102/600 that mechanically it is far superior to the two Skywatchers, but I am concerned that I cannot find ANY reviews on this OTA for its optical quality ?. I am aware that Synta make a few of these 80 and 100mm scopes for different suppliers but I am let to believe that the BM is a separate manufacturer. Any advice or better still hearing from someone who owns the Bresser Messier AR-102/600 would be amazing, so thank you for reading this long post and thank you in advance of your reply. Regards Graham Side note:- I have a VERY heavy duty pan tilt Manfrotto tripod which I previously used to support my Sinar 5x4 Large format bellows camera so its very steady and has a pan tilt head already fitted, I intend to mount the new scope on this as an AZ to begin with.
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